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by Emma • Tue, 02 Aug 2022 12:42PM
work from home jobs singapore

Work from home or remote working seems to be the new normal nowadays that many people prefer this over the traditional working from the office. Businesses have learned from two-years of pandemic that remote working does not impede business operation. In fact, some even find this working arrangement to be more productive! If you are looking for work from home jobs in Singapore, here is an insightful guide!

1 . Customer Service / Customer Success Agent

One of the most common work from home jobs in Singapore is a customer success agent or better known as customer service. As a customer success agent, you will provide customer service by answering questions through the phone, chat, or email.  Back then, this job was mostly done from the office, but now as technology improves, customer success agent job duties can be done remotely. When correctly arranged, a worker's home environment may be less distracting and more pleasant than a congested contact center filled by dozens or hundreds of agents. Qualified call center agents just need a good internet connection and a laptop to do chat, email, or phone customer support duties. A cloud-based team management tool makes it simple to reach a manager or ask other team members issues, ensuring that workers are not disconnected when working remotely.

2 . Talent Acquisition

Do you know that recruiting candidates is one of the duties that can be effectively done from anywhere, including from home? Hiring new employees largely relies on talent acquisition. As long as you have a good internet connection, conducive room to make undisturbed video or phone calls, and a work setup that will help you focus, working as a talent acquisition might be one of the best work from home jobs in Singapore. You will work hand-in-hand with hiring managers to evaluate staffing requirements in this people-focused role to fill open positions. There are many internship opportunities available for this role if you still have zero experience, which makes it appealing for either a first job or a career change!

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3 . Web Developer

Web developer job is meant to create a fully-functioning website and this development process can also be done not only from the office, but also from home. Right now, this is an extremely lucrative work from home jobs in Singapore that is in high demand. Many businesses are seeking to launch their own internet business and require the development of a particular website. Developers generally work from any location with a reliable internet connection. Virtual developer tools and remote work locations can help programmers focus on the task at hand and handle software bugs effectively. Companies are making investments in platforms like Microsoft Teams to improve communication for dev ops teams working outside of the office.

4 . Digital Marketing Specialist

Online marketing is critical for the success of all sorts of businesses. During the peak of the pandemic, many companies' capacity to draw foot traffic slowed to a halt (or vanished entirely), requiring those without a strong digital presence to learn to compete online. This aspect remains all the way down till now, even when international borders have been reopened. Since digital marketing is completely online, it stands to reason that this is said to be one of the most viable work from home jobs in Singapore. Through cloud-based collaboration solutions, digital marketing experts may continue to collaborate seamlessly with teams and clients. More and more businesses are leveraging this chance to recruit the best digital marketers there are today.

5 . Social Media Manager

Complimenting the importance of digital marketing, a social media manager job is getting more in-demand nowadays. This job may be one of the most suitable work from home jobs in Singapore for newbies with zero experience but one hundred percent dedication to learn! Access to social platforms, scheduling and content management systems, and communication options for dealing with customers or other team members are the essential tools required by social media managers. All of these are readily accessible in cloud-based forms. In fact, a social media manager may perform their full job from a sophisticated smartphone with the appropriate tools if necessary, making this one of the most sought after remote jobs.

Although not all companies make it possible to work remotely, finding work from home jobs in Singapore is not as hard as it used to be years ago. Other than the jobs mentioned on the list, there are still plenty of job positions that can be performed without having to be in the office. If you are confused on where to start looking for work from home jobs in Singapore, Talentvis may just be the answer!

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Illustration by Farhan Hidayat | Grapeer on Dribbble


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