Reasons Why You Still Haven't Landed Any Job

by Emma • Tue, 07 Jun 2022 11:29AM

Staying jobless after putting yourself through many assessments and interviews is the most difficult thing you could possibly go through. You already rocked the interview, answering all sorts of questions, telling interesting narratives, asking sensible questions, and dressing to impress. Companies, on the other hand, reward your all-out effort with unsatisfactory results in the shape of rejection emails or no response at all. Maybe you may have wondered why you still haven’t landed any job up to this point, so here are some possible explanations.

Reason 1 : Failing to Meet Qualifications 

It is very possible that you do not get a callback because the job you are applying for has some requirements that you fail to meet. While it is okay to apply for a job without meeting the entire job requirements, it is possible that the requirements you lack are the ones that companies prioritize. Companies would not accept applicants who lacked qualifications and competence since it would result in a considerable loss in terms of money, time, and efforts. 

Reason 2 : Incomplete Applications

In your perspective, did you deliver the entire application as the company expects? There are many cases where job applicants are rejected because they have some incomplete documents or do not answer all questions. For example, you may think that stating your salary expectation is not necessary and can be done during the interview, whereas the employer deliberately asks applicants to state it in their application. This can also be the case of forgetting to attach a certain document in your job application, which is something unintentional. So, check again: have you really submitted all required documents and answered all questions?

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Reason 3 : Problems with Your Resume

The HR might be too busy to compile the multiple resumes on their desks and select only the best to interview. They tend to look for the keywords present in the resume for quicker selection. Is your resume well organized? Did you put the most important and relevant content near the top? Is it clear how you value-add in your previous jobs, internships, academic projects and volunteer work? Instead of blaming it on the selection system, try to reflect on your resume. Some employers also prefer ATS-friendly resumes, so make sure you prepare one too. It is also dangerous to lie on your resume, as recruiters will cross-check the validity of your resume, including to confirm things with your previous employers. 

Reason 4 : References

If you have previously worked for one or some employers, recruiters may need references. This is to check if you did well on your past jobs, be it technically and socially. You want to make sure that past employers are going to give you a good recommendation instead of bringing your reputation down as companies do contact them before the interview. This is why you need to have a good impression, even after you resign from a job, because references play an important part in determining whether you are going to get a job later on. Some recruiters also check your social media track record; if you badmouth about your past employers online, this is a red flag for all new employers you may be aiming for. Whether your former boss was so annoying and you still can’t forgive him/her, or you feel that your colleagues hindered your work processes, keep it to yourself. 

Reason 5 : Not Convincing Enough

If your interview appears to be going well, it may be satisfying to lower your guard and build a friendlier vibe with your interviewer. However, becoming overly casual by misusing slang or cracking jokes might be a great mistake. As a result, you may appear to be mocking and not taking your work seriously. On the other hand, even if you are neither overconfident nor too tense, you may not be convincing enough. Maybe, you are not strategically using your interview time to showcase your talents and expertise. Instead of reiterating your resume's talents and experience, clearly expressing what about your past makes you the greatest applicant. Time has changed, and the strict competition requires you to be capable of selling yourself! Be confident to express your skills, achievements and experiences that will benefit the job position to convince the hiring team. 

To be confident is great, but don’t be over your head! Humans always have weaknesses, but some of them can turn into a positive challenge, that’s what companies expect from the candidates, indeed! Failing to land a job may truly bring you down, but do not let it stop you from trying some more times. Take all the ‘ghosting’ and job rejections as a learning experience. In case you have not tried this, you can also look for open job positions in Talentvis job portal and make up for your past mistakes by doing better this time. Good luck! 

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