What Reasons Do People Have for Leaving Their Job?

by Emma • Tue, 12 Jul 2022 11:27AM
What Reasons Do People Have for Leaving Their Job

It is not uncommon to see more and more people leaving their job nowadays. While many may assume that their main reason is salary-related, it is not as simple as that. Started off as a phenomenon in the US, the Great Resignation is currently affecting countries in Southeast Asia, including Singapore. More employees are leaving their job now than a year ago, according to more than three-quarters (62%) of Singapore SMEs surveyed. Why does this happen?

As the global economy recovers from the pandemic, corporations must now deal with a new challenge: the "Great Resignation." The term, coined in 2021, refers to a worldwide trend of millions of employees quitting their jobs. Here are some reasons why people leave their jobs.

Labor Shortage and Mundane Routine

A study by UiPath revealed why many employees in Singapore are leaving their job. The research shows that 73% of respondents revealed they are interested in or may be encouraged to seek a new job in the next six months. 32% or roughly one-third of respondents say they are now looking for employment, and 28% claim they have had interviews with other companies in the last six months. Additionally, a staggering 97% of people admit they are fatigued at the end of a working hour at least once a week. Increased strain on work/life balance becomes the most notable reason for employees to look for other jobs, as revealed by 40% respondents. 

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Feeling Excluded and Unheard

Explorance established research on 2,000 part- and full-time-employed persons to investigate the hidden reasons behind many people leaving their job. According to the survey, the majority of employees are willing to share feedback with their managers in the hopes of influencing good change in their workplace. Employees, including many leaders, believe that their opinion is generally ignored and does not result in substantial change. Most employees (78%) are willing to participate in company surveys, and more than a third (38%) believe company surveys are their preferred form of providing feedback. Despite this, 50% of respondents indicated they had not received any surveys from their company in the previous year.


A SilkRoad Technology and OnePoll survey discovered that changed management provided by employers, over half of workers surveyed hoped their company would provide more support. Yet, negative sentiment was shown by workers who started a new job during the pandemic, where more than half (52%) felt like they did not receive enough training and 56% have unanswered questions about their role. This also becomes a reason why many people are leaving their job.

Paul Endacott, CEO of GRIT, shared his perspective on why people are leaving their job now more than ever, as well as what employers can do best to retain their top players. Employers should always ensure they have a career path in place and help them achieve that through their motivations and be aware of their mental health. Many times, mental health issues, such as burnout or a lack of motivation are overlooked. Managers should try their best to include them in team conversations, and promote a culture of communication to prevent more employees from leaving their job.

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