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Want to Get Hired? Take These Online Courses First


Applying for a job can feel like an opaque process, especially in the current job market as most employers have halted their recruitment due to COVID-19 crisis while records showing 20.2 million jobs are being cut. Despite the hiring freeze and layoffs, some companies are still opening new job vacancies. This means that if you keep searching and applying, there are good chances for you to eventually get hired because only those who stay consistent and persistent will reap the rewards. 

Staying competitive in the talent market goes beyond submitting an eye-catching resume. If you want to stay ahead among the sea of job seekers, make sure to always update your skills and knowledge. Where to start? You can start with these updated courses suitable for job seekers. 

1. Programming and computer science 

Why this course? We live in the age of technology and automation, meaning that those mastering the skills in the area will be highly pursued. Bureau Labor of Statistics (BLS) estimated that the computer and information technology field will grow by 13 percent from 2016-2026. This growth is faster than the average growth rate of all occupations. Not only that, working in this field also offers a competitive and lucrative salary. 

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Where to begin? Here are the courses you can try: 

2. Graphic design 

Why this course? Jobs in graphic and product design are crucial to have in companies as it is one of the ways to communicate the value of products or services they offer. Product design also conveys ideas in a way that is not only effective, but also beautiful. Although the job growth for this profession is growing slower than average by 3 percent, this is still a highly marketable skill. 

Where to begin? Here are the courses that might suit you: 

3. Digital marketing 

Why this course? In the marketing industry, only people with mindsets can thrive. Today’s industries, where technology is our big driver market, are looking to boost their online presence and digital marketers are the ones who could help. 

Where to begin? Here are the courses to enrol: 

4. Languages 

Why this course? The world is more connected than ever and the ability to understand each other is more vital than before. Although there are apps to help you understand other languages, businesses need real people who have diverse skills in terms of languages. With more companies set to expand their international presence, being able to speak foreign languages will be an advantage for talents who want to reach a better position in the industry.

Where to begin? Here are five most competitive languages you should learn: 

  • Spanish is one of the fastest emerging languages in business. This language is also spoken by over 30 percent of the US population. 

  • Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world and the primary language of China, an economic powerhouse. 

  • Arabic as the Arab World is quickly becoming one of the wealthiest areas of the world. New career opportunities in this wealthy nation are also constantly opening up. If you are able to get a conversation proficiency level, a flow of job offers will be flowing like a river. 

  • German as the country has shown the highest annual wage bonuses compared to french and Spanish. German is also one of the most spoken languages in Europe. 

  • French is a popular language with a total number of speakers can go up to 300 million more. Additionally, many French-speaking countries, such as French and Congo, prefer to do business only with other French speakers. This could be a good advantage for you who can speak French.  

5. Communication 

Why this course? In the business world, communication is crucially needed and has become at the top of the list of soft skills. Every employer wants their candidates to be able to listen and talk like a professional because how you communicate can represent the company you are working at. 

Where to begin? Here are the courses to enrol: 

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