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Boost Your LinkedIn Presence with This Checklist 


Jobvite’s Annual Social Recruiter Survey constantly cited that LinkedIn is the most-used channel for recruitment efforts, with 77 percent of recruiters taking advantage of it in 2018, followed by Facebook which gets 63 percent score. What does it mean for your job search? It means using LinkedIn will ease your job search and open up a new career path. 

However, more than just a static resume, recruiters want to see, read, or discover something extraordinary out of their candidates when they search them online. For this particular reason, make sure you maximise your LinkedIn presence with the following checklist. 

✅ - Clear profile photo 

Everyone wants to know with whom they are talking to and recruiters are not an exception. This means using a clear photo with good quality to LinkedIn profile should be a great consideration. A coloured smiling face that clearly displays your face is the best. 

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✅ - Full name, plain and simple

Recruiters will not know your childhood name or any initial names you use over the internet. Once recruiters search you on a search engine, they will simply type your name. To make yourself visible, make sure to NOT add initials, acronyms or other titles to your name field. If you have a maiden name that you often include in your job search, you can write that in your LinkedIn profile. But again, always keep your name simple and professional. 

✅ - Keyword-heavy headline 

The first thing that recruiters will see once they type your name on LinkedIn search or search engine is your headline. That short description of your expertise, job, or status. Make sure you make the best of it. Use hash marks (|) to creatively explain core responsibilities or industry associations. For example, you can write like this “ Social Media Manager || Digital Strategy || Keynote speaker || Author “. This will make your profile more organised. 

✅ - Custom vanity URL 

By default, your LinkedIn vanity URL is typically your first and last name followed by a string of alphanumeric characters, like this Edit your LinkedIn URL with as simple as your first/last name or something that can be easily remembered or written. 

✅ - Posts showcasing the latest activity

As best as possible, always update your LinkedIn activity by posting or sharing useful contents. You can also showcase your professional perspective, workplace achievements and writing style. 

✅ - Write like it is your journal 

Recruiters love an interesting profile that catches their attention. That said, your profile does not have to read like a plain resume with bullet points. Use the summary and experience section to tell your story. Add media that brings it to life with links to the websites, projects or videos you are proud of producing. 

✅ - Meaningful recommendations 

Ask past co-workers, project buddies, or supervisors to write a recommendation on your LinkedIn profile. When one is submitted on your behalf, you can ask for changes and choose which to show. This will certainly boost your self to be more marketable in the job industry.

✅ - Add your top skills

The crowdsourced skills on the profile section is an acknowledgement from your connections over the skills that you are good at. This can also be a visual representation that you are the expert of what you do. Prioritising the top 10 skills to be displayed on the profile will mean that you are more likely to get endorsed from your connections as someone who has these skills. 

✅ - Follow groups and people worth sharing 

Follow the alumni group, community, organisation or industry group you are part of. Following influencers, news sources and companies you care about tells viewers what matters to you and how you keep informed of the latest industry trends and topics, deepening a potential connection. 

✅ - Add additional information 

Education, honours, awards, volunteering and languages are some of the last highlights you should add to your profile. It is the final fingerprint that differentiates you from other candidates. Any of these categories can also strengthen your connection to an employer, so please don’t neglect them. 

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