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5 Tools for Modern Job Searching 


There are plenty of tools job seekers can use to get their dream job. If you cannot find the job you are looking yet, ask yourself: have you made the maximum effort to land one? If you have done your best but the result is yet to come, here are 5 tools to help maximise your job search. 

Social media 

Nearly every recruiter is maximising their talent sourcing through social media, with 84 percent of organisations using it and 9 percent others are planning to use it. Advice for job seekers to have a social media presence is also prevalent on the internet, meaning that you should make the best out of your social media account. Make sure your social media channels contain updated information with inspiring contents and doesn’t have any sensitive pictures, videos, or comments. It is also a huge advantage to attach attractive bio on social media like LinkedIn that links directly to your online resume/portfolio. 

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Job diary 

Job diary will help organise your job applications in one place. You can track every job opportunity you have been applying for and whether or not you have received a response from the recruiter. Keeping a journal of job search is also useful when you want to apply to the same company or the same role. 

Job site review 

As a job seeker, we are curious about how it feels like to work in a certain company before we send the application letter to them. How do they treat the employees, how much can they provide compensation, or how is the culture? You can get the answer for these questions from a job site review, such as Glassdoor or Jobstreet. In general, these sites will rate the company and keep every review from former or current employees. Job site review can also help you do research on salary and benefits. 

Online forums and groups 

Find a forum or group that is related to your job search. Forums can be a great place for job seekers to learn and get support from other members. Reddit, Discord, Quora and many others can be a good source for job seekers. As written by Greg Hawkes, Strategic Talent Sourcer and Founder of HRSourcingToolbox, forums are not only filled with a population of people who want to gain knowledge about certain things. Nowadays, recruiters start using forums to place job ads because it will get better traction over actual talented people. 

Other than forums, you can also join specialised job boards. Find your niche and register for one of available job boards, such as Europe Language Jobs that target multilingual candidates, Get My First Job that helps job seekers find an entry-level position or Only Marketing Jobs that only list marketing jobs. 

Maximise website resume builder 

You might have heard of this one before. There are numerous websites of resume, CV and portfolio builder for online or offline job search matters. This kind of site will help organise your personal information better as there are templates available for you to choose. If you don’t know which resume builder to choose, read here for four resume builder compilations that can complete one another, generating a professional-looking resume. Try and start, don’t miss the chance! 

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