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Tips to Find Better Jobs during Covid-19 Pandemic 


How does the Covid-19 crisis affect your job search? 

Most job seekers might believe that during a crisis, employers will choose to freeze hiring - meaning that finding a job could be challenging. This, however, is not necessarily true. Business author Lisa Rangel reported that while the pandemic might slow down the hiring process, not all industries halt their recruitment. In other words, job seekers who try their best in a job search will have a big chance to win the competition. However, Rangel warned, the job market will get fiercer and will never be 100 percent complete halt, meaning it is time for job seekers at all levels to remain competitive and consistent. 

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The in-person interview is delayed 

The pandemic has led to a new working style, recruitment strategy, and job search where the in-person meeting cannot be met and virtual conversation becomes the new normal. HR experts and recruiters told Andrew Seaman, LinkedIn Editor, that most businesses operate as usual despite concerns about the novel coronavirus. The only change is that more interviews might be conducted by video rather than in person. Hiring might eventually take a hit if the outbreak is not contained soon enough. 

Job seekers should change their networking strategy 

One concern job seekers should measure is that they should change their networking strategy. Coronavirus affects networking that might be the key to a successful job search. Resume and cover letter are just a formality job seekers often need to submit during a job hunt. It is the networking that helps them get hired, and the Covid-19 crisis will push them to rearrange their strategy. 

Career Coach Dawn Graham commented that networking is necessary and effective. Hiring managers want to make good decisions, and they want to do it efficiently. They want and will hire job candidates they can trust, and that is why they prefer ones who come through personal referrals. That said, during this pandemic, it is advisable for job seekers to rethink their networking strategy. 

Talk to people you already know 

The beauty of networking does not have to be about talking to a stranger in a conference event, Graham added. The simplest thing in networking is to initiate a career conversation with people we already know, be it through a video call, phone call, or in-person meeting. This does not mean you have to spill the details of your career life. If not asked, you can remain silent about them, Graham suggested. And if you truly desire to get a job, you need to be curious about their goals - your network goals.

How to start the conversation? You can start with “Hey, what’s one goal you have for this year?”. This leading question will reciprocate and dig into your goals as well. This conversation then can lead into brainstorming, introductions you might make, relevant news you recently heard, or a job you can be interested in. Just remember that every person you know has a network waiting to be discovered. 

Boost your skills 

Last but not the least thing you can do is to boost your skills to pass through this fierce competition. The pandemic forces us to stay home and it helps us to organise our schedule better with online learning and to acquire new skills. You can also start by listening to more educational and practical podcasts that help upgrade your knowledge. 

Don’t waste this opportunity!

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