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What Makes Recruitment Consultant Choose You Over Other Candidates?


In the previous article, we discussed why getting help from a recruitment agency is better than hunting a job by yourself. Among the reason is that the agency knows better about the business niche that you are looking for, so they cover for your flaws and help you land a better job.

However, job seekers who register themselves to recruitment agency are probably more professional, have a better experience, and more stand-out in the eyes of the agency than you. This can be one of the biggest obstacles for you when collaborating with a recruitment agency. To impress the consultant, it is not only your skills and experience that have to be right, but you also need other weapons in order to let the recruiters know that you have more to offer than the others.

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How to tell the agency that you could be the one? Here’s what you need to do.

Put yourself in consultant’s shoes

Recruitment consultant has worked hard to get a job offer for you that matches with your expertise and skills, so you can get employed as soon as possible. But have you imagined how they feel when you reject the job offer or worse, you don’t show up for the interview session at all?

Albeit a recruitment agency cannot force you to take the job offer, they do want to know whether you are really seriously looking for a job. Your commitment is crucial here. That said, it is not just the agency that is responsible for your search, but you are also responsible for that search.

Consultants look for professionalism

Next, you should know what makes recruitment consultant love their candidates. Here’s what they are looking for in the talents.

  • Regular follow-ups

  • Professional communication

  • Warning signs of flakiness you make such as not attending an interview session or missing the first telephone interview. If this is due to an emergency reason such as your mom gets sick and you need to take her to a hospital, give your consultant a notification.

  • Interest in the job role you are applying

  • Your effort that is shown from your CV

  • Lastly, your passion for the job and the consultation itself

Have a good attitude

This is basic but most obvious criteria, good attitude. Recruitment consultant knows who they are dealing with and they have already met thousands of diverse candidates. They will not send individuals who behave dreadfully as it results in negative perception both for consultant and candidate. The behaviour includes rudeness, bluntness, arrogance, and anger.

Hence, ask yourself whether you already give the best attitude towards people around you, especially the people who have helped you looking for a job.

Be confidence

Most employers demand individual who is a hard-worker, confident, smart, and friendly who can handle pressure at work. Therefore, when you have difficulty in expressing your ideas or voicing your mind, they might be doubtful to hire you.

Fortunately, confidence and a good attitude can be trained through mindfulness and practice of self-control. The more you practice, the better your confidence and attitude will be. 

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