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What to Do When You Send Wrong Application to a Recruiter


We all make silly mistakes once in our life, like putting salt instead of sugar in our coffee or wearing the wrong dress to a prom party. Those moments are laughable and leaving a lasting experience.  

Making a fatal mistake like sending the wrong cover letter to a prospective company or spelling company name wrong, however, is not something to laugh at. Obviously, sending the wrong job application could lead to you being disqualified as a candidate as the recruiter might think that you are an unstable individual who is not ready for employment. A recruiter might also think that you are not serious with the application, thus, making them pass your application albeit you have an engaging resume. Sure you do not want this to happen, especially when you really need a job, right? 

Therefore, if you do a fatal mistake when sending your cover letter or resume, please do not panic. Here are ways to change the misery into glory. 

When it is not too late 

If you apply for jobs through a job platform like and you notice the mistake right after you send in your resume, it is probably not too late to reapply for the position. Generally, a job seeker platform will save your resume for a while before they hand it to a recruiter or hiring manager. So, you might have a chance to reapply or resend the right resume or cover letter. 

However, if the job seeker platform sends you an email saying that your resume is already in their system, that means your resume is already submitted to the recruiter or employer. In this case, do not send another copy of your resume because recruiter might receive double resumes from you and it is not a good idea. If you are lucky to find an edit option, click the edit button and revise your resume immediately. 

When the mistake is minor 

If you apply directly to company and notice a slight mistake like a little spelling error or bulleting error after submitting, it is okay to let go and move on. For instance, you spell taht instead of that or you place unsynchronised bullet points. The error might be noticeable by hiring manager or recruiter, however, they might as well ignore the errors. Thus, letting them know is probably not a good option. 

When the mistake is major 

If you have done big, huge error to your resume or cover letters such as spelling wrong company name, email, contact number, skills, or the name of employer, it is wiser for you to resend a resume. However, make sure that you resend the updated copy minimum 3 days after you send your first copy. 

How to resend your resume 

If you decide to fix your mistake, make sure to not be so flowery in your message. That means you should act professionally and treat the employer with respect. Be mindful with your words and re-read a few times so you will not make the same mistake again. Try your best to avoid lengthy excuses and excessive sorriness. 

Here is what you can say, “Hello (address the name of the employer). I am sorry that I accidentally sent the older version of my resume/cover letter. Therefore, I would like to send you a more updated version. Please see my most recent resume/cover letter attached.” 

Or, you can simply say, “Sorry, I accidentally send an old resume/cover letter. Please find attached an updated resume/cover letter for your reference. Thank you.” when you cannot find whom you should address the email to.

When the recruiter calls you even after reading the wrong application 

If you are lucky enough, the recruiter will ignore your minor mistake and call you for an interview. What should you do, then? You might feel a bit awkward after noticing your mistake and they call you for that. But do not worry, it is probably your time to shine but do not feel overconfident about that yet. That means you should do your interview homework and attend the interview. Do not turn down an interview offer because you never know what the employer is going to offer you. 

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When it is too late for you to notice the mistake 

Lastly, if you notice the mistake too late and it was a huge error, then sadly to say but you should just let it go. When there is a huge mistake like a wrong employer name or wrong phone number, the hiring manager will most likely not invite you for an interview. When this happens and you really want to get accepted in that company, do not call or come forward and tell that you make mistakes to recruiter or hiring manager. It will only make you look unprofessional in the hiring manager’s eyes. There might be another chance and when it happens, make sure you do not repeat the same mistake again. To help you get out of the dilemma, you can start new and look for one of these job openings. Who knows, right? You might fit better into one of these positions.

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