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The Secret to be an Ideal Employee for Any Company


Which one do you think an employer will choose: a cheerful, motivated individual or a grumpy, sluggish candidate? 

Any employer will choose the first candidate in a dash. There is no doubt that self-motivation and a positive attitude are among traits employers look for in their talents. But is that all? Here are some other traits that make employee ideals for any company:  

#1 Have a strong bias for action 

Bias for action, also referred to as action bias, is a tendency to favour action over inaction, often to one’s or business’ benefits. Generally, action bias cannot be proven through a piece of resume. It is also something that cannot be proven during application or recruitment. But concretely demonstrating your proactive process in starting and finishing a product on a given timetable will somehow provide them information on how fast you work on time-bounded projects, thus telling the recruiter or hiring manager how good your bias for action skill is. 

#2 Intelligence

Intelligence is a strong foundation in any critical thinking process, not just pertaining to an excellent academic background. There are many types of intelligence, such as logical-mathematical, linguistic, spatial, musical, and many more which you can check using this Intelligence calculator. Knowing what type of intelligence and personality you have can better aid you to choose your career path. 

What if your intelligence is different from what you are passionate about? You do not need to worry about this. Generally, employers will seek 4 major bits of intelligence in their candidates, including analytical, creative, practical, and emotional. In a world of work, intelligence is more about making relevant use of real-life experiences to come up with solutions to work problems or issues. 

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#3 Have ambition that resonates with organisation’s progress 

All employers seek talents who want to contribute to something greater than themselves. Not only that, employers also look for individuals whose ambition aligns with the company’s goals as it will yield a better and more positive result, not only to the employees themselves but also to the company. An ambitious employee might have personal goals that help them stay motivated at work, but each and every time they do something positive on their level, the organisation also benefits from that.   

#4 Empowered with autonomy 

Companies like to hire employees who are independent or self-sufficient, who can get things done with less supervision, or can decipher and work on issues without any hand-holding. Therefore, employers want to hire those who are empowered by autonomy. Having this trait, however, does not mean you must always choose to work alone especially during project teamwork, but instead can also work effectively in a team with a show of independent influence.   

#5 A good sense of leadership 

An employee with good leadership skills is the best channel for duplication of organisational success. Likewise, employee-leaders are allies of a growing company that the more an organisation has them, the brisker is the success.   

#6 Enthusiastic with a contagious cheerful attitude, and modest 

Enthusiastic with a contagious cheerful attitude might be thought of as being carefree at times. But being cheerful does just mean being carefree; employees who always come to work with zest to tackle day-to-day office issues with a bright and healthy disposition show that they are able to accomplish more than those who succumb easily to the challenges and stress of work.   

Meanwhile, modesty is a trait that is hard to find these days as talents are taught to “honk their horns”. Highly competitive employees like to grandstand and shout out their achievements but modest employees prefer the quality of their work to speak for them. A modest employee is quite easy to spot as they like to under-promise but over-deliver.  

Now that you know what employers would love to find in their candidates, it is time for you to strengthen these traits. Keep on progressing in your career while living your fullest life! 

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