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Resume Trends 2021: What to Highlight in Your Resume?


Do you think your resume is worth 5 minutes of boredom? 

Are you applying for a creative spot but think that your resume is a bit ‘too formal’? 

Do you want to stand out more during recruitment? 

If you answer yes to all the questions, you must be itching to make a resume that will impress prospective employers. The problem is you have no idea how to make a proper resume. For the year 2021, research showed that there are some resume trends you need to be aware of if you want to get the best result out of your resume. Read on…

Automated hiring focus 

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is on the rise and companies rely on the service to source potential candidates. Jobscan disclosed that nearly 99 percent of Fortune 500 companies use an ATS in their hiring process to measure and look for candidates in open competition. As a job seeker, you should be aware of this trend and align your resume to match the algorithm. Aside from ATS, employers also use machine learning aid to check preliminary screening tests to keep the process objective. 

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Tailored your resume title 

You want to get your resume into the ‘yes’ pile, what efforts have you put into writing an attractive headline? Research mentioned that tailoring your resume to a specific industry and career field is a fresh approach. For example, instead of writing “Business Development Professional”, you can add below this title as a “Transformational Leadership, Creative, and Dynamic Operations and Relations Management”. By tailoring and highlighting skills that are aligned with the position you apply for, recruiters can notice you better. This tip is also an attention grabber for the most part. 

When tailoring your resume title, ensure to not use hyperbolic words. Stay away from fluffy adjectives and focus on your skills that are required by the company. 

Keep it short and readable

You might have an extensive list of work history and education. You might also have numerous skills that you want to show off to recruiters. But writing all these will only make your resume crowded and difficult to read by the recruiter and ATS. 

A short, simple, and readable resume is the best choice in this case. If it is possible, only write a one-page resume. Two pages are the maximum. Only write the most recent education, activities, and certifications you have. For the skill section, tailor your skills with the position you apply. For instance, if you apply as a UX Engineer, you will need at least HTML, CSS, and Javascript programming skill, UI design principle ability, and empathy. Input both soft and hard skills for a better attention grabber. 

Add a professional summary below the headline 

A catchy resume always has a professional summary under its headline. The summary will give the recruiters a glance at how you are as a professional. The summary does not need to be long, 2 to 3 sentences are enough to describe your personality. 

When writing the summary, avoid using dull, repetitive, and overused language that fails to provide examples in your resume. If you choose to input some numbers on your summary, you should elaborate it with the necessary example in your professional experience section beyond just your job responsibility. 

Social media trends 

For businesses, social media is a place to show off their brand and drive sales. Likewise, social media will be a medium to improve your personal brand. Many hiring managers and recruiters are looking at a candidate's social media before inviting them to an interview. Research has shown that social media provides a glimpse into your personality beyond your resume. What you share, how you comment and all the behaviour you do on your social media might become a consideration for a recruiter to invite you to their interview session. 

Create a portfolio (or digital portfolio) 

Whether you are in creative or other industries, you should have a unique approach. One of which is by providing a portfolio, either online or in a file. A portfolio helps you to get better attention from prospective employers as they see how you build up yourself professionally. Your portfolio should contain recent and ‘your most proud of’ projects. 

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Recommended resume builder: 

If you have difficulty in selecting the appropriate format or layout, you can try using a resume builder. Using these online resumes builders can bring a number of benefits, such as saving time and having the latest trends in resumes. 

  • Novoresume - It has free downloadable templates for one-page resumes and predefined layouts. The pricing is also reasonable starting from $16 per month. 

  • Zety resume - Zety resume provides access to useful guides, cover letter and resume templates, and information articles. You can create a free resume and cover letter but to download you need to pay $2.70 for a 14-day pass. Their annual plan is at a rate of $71.40. 

  • Indeed -  Indeed provides a free and easy online resume builder. You do not need to pay to download a curated resume to your computer. 

  • - This resume builder provides many beautiful templates and guides to build up a top-notch resume. But you need to pay to download. The price starts from around $1.45 per 24 hours. 

What else would you need to build up a resume that goes to the ‘yes’ pile? It is honesty and appropriateness of using words and templates. Make sure you meet all qualifications for the position you apply for and consider choosing a format/layout that is scannable to most ATS.

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