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The Importance of Email Address & Tips To Create One


Imagine you are applying for recruiter position in a tech company. You have prepared an astounding resume and attached all important information, including your email address. Then, you send it to the employer. The employer is amazed by your accomplishment and skills but then she acknowledges your email written as She bursts out of laugher until today.  

Well, it is not wrong to attach your email in your resume. In fact, email is one of the most important information you should attach in a resume. Not to mention, most applications nowadays are sent through emails, right? The problem arises when you use an old email to deliver a dangling job application to potential employers. The email you made a decade ago with that cheapjack name does decrease your quality in the eyes of employers.

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So, today, let’s find out what kind of emails that will “likely” drop your professional candidacy and the kind of email that you should use.

Old-fashioned email and email domain vs. recent one


Among the three email examples above which one do you think is the most acceptable and professional in today's business market? The answer is none of the three, really.

Those examples are good in terms of names but their domain is out fashioned. Having outdated email domain will lead employers to think that you are not open for an upgrade and carried some degree of ageism. Poynter revealed that these days having an old domain email address is something that is very intrigued. Albeit it does not necessarily the very reason to not hire a candidate, people who use “older tech” are likely older and therefore, less tech-savvy. As a consequence, it might lower your candidacy in today’s tech-savvy business.

Therefore, while it is okay to use a Hotmail or Yahoo mail, if you want to be seen as a professional and tech person, then creating a new email with the recent domain would be much more recommended. A domain such as Gmail or Me is perfectly acceptable.

How to create an email

A new problem might occur, however, as creating a new email with Gmail or Me will not be a piece of cake these days, especially if you have the most familiar name and surname such as James Smith with 38,33 users or Maria Hernandez with 27,836 users. In addition, when you register to Gmail with that common name, your name will appear as jamessmith887 or smithjames919 which is also less professional to be a formal email.

Thus, if you face such problem, try these tricks.

Trick #1 – Combine your names

  • First name + middle initial + last name = JamesMSmith
  • Abb. of last name + middle name = SMJames
  • First name + abb. of middle and last name = JamesMS

Trick #2 – Combine with your business, profession, degree, or city/country

  • First name + degree = JamesMBA
  • First name + country = JamesUSA
  • First name + profession = JamesProgrammer 

Take home note -  You should be aware of every small thing such as an email address in your application. Albeit it is not a vital mistake, employers today want someone who is ready for development - especially about technology and newest trends.    

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