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Tips from a Recruiter: Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid During Job Search

During a job search, every job-seeker would want to get the best result and land their dream in a smooth process of hiring. In order to achieve that goal, first-time job-seekers often rely on various job tips from the internet and ask for advices on how to conduct the fruitful job search. Besides learning ‘the right way’ to get a job, job-seeker also needs to know ‘the wrong way’ to conduct a job hunting. By knowing both dos and don’ts in job seeking, candidates will put on more efforts to do their best while avoiding the mistakes that might lead them to failure.

Despite jobseekers’ utmost efforts to try their best in searching and applying for jobs, there are times when they have to deal with zero result. At this point, they might realise that there should be some mistakes they have made during the hiring process. In a recruitment process, even the smallest mistake could cost you a job offer, if you are not careful enough to anticipate it. Here are some mistakes commonly done by job seekers:

Not optimising the function of network

Humans are naturally social beings, and this applies in the professional world too. It is a big mistake if you think that job hunting is game of single fighting. When you dream of working at a particular company, knowing people who work there and build good relationship with them is a good strategy to help you get closer to your dream. Additionally, if your friends offer and recommend some employment opportunities, you should consider about the jobs and grab the chances.

Not optimising job search in media social

Today’s recruiter increasingly rely on the use of social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to find and source the best talents. They also use company’s social media account to share the latest company updates and job openings. Therefore, it will be a loss if a job seeker does not follow such accounts and fan-pages.

Not updating your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn has become a must-have social media for jobseekers. Most recruiters use LinkedIn to find prospective candidates to fill positions in their company. When you have set up an account, do not let it be empty. For once in a while, you need to update and fill in new information such as the latest employment history and skills.

Not applying job based on the experience

Being unemployed for some period of time does not mean that you should be desperate by applying randomly to any jobs. Not only does this kind of gambling will waste your time, this attitude also shows that you do not focus on your job search. Not to mention, you might end up in the job that does not fit with you.

Not checking the resume

First impression does matter. When it comes to recruitment, recruiter’s first impression towards an applicant will depend on his resume. Most recruiters will be reluctant to process half-done resume which has no information about gender, detailed contact information, skills, and so on. Wrong spelling and typo are also common mistakes that will not be tolerated by recruiter. While actually they know your intention, such ‘trivial’ mistakes will make recruiter consider that you are a careless person.

Not paying attention to details

Either they do not know or simply do not care, some applicants use the wrong honorifics when writing a job application. For example, they often forget to put on opening sentence such as ‘Dear Sir or Madam’, which will make recruiter considers them as being impolite.

Ignore the instruction

Some companies write certain instruction on the job requirements. For example, some recruiters require a copy of ID card, the latest photograph, certificates, or other files related to the job. If you just send your resume without those requested documents, there are good chances that your application will go nowhere. Thus, you should read carefully about the job description and requirements before applying.

Not making good image on social media

Nowadays, most recruiters will check candidate’s social media account before making hiring decisions. This strategy is used to find out candidate’s personal manner and social behaviour. Be mindful of what you post on social media. You should avoid posting inappropriate photos, embarrassing videos, or controversial status on your social media, as this will stain your image.  

Not checking your email regularly

Each recruiter has different way to invite the candidates for interview or tests. Some of them make a call or send message, while some other prefer to communicate through emails. It is a mistake to believe that recruiter will directly call you so you ignore checking your email inbox at all.

Not dressing professionally during interview

Most job-seekers tend to focus only on learning the interview materials that they end up ignoring other things, including the way they dress on the D-day. Not wearing your professional attire might make hiring managers think bad about your personalities, as you fail to demonstrate a professional image.

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