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Small Details You Might Miss when Applying for a Job 


Being a stand-out candidate can be an arduous job. You need to be skilful, professional, and knowledgeable. But what if you are a fresh graduate from a vocational school or university? Will you be able to compete with more experienced candidates? The answer is: Yes

In today’s intense competition for talents, recruiters are putting more importance on hiring attitude and skill instead of a degree. An employer will evaluate talents based on the proposition that who you are as a person counts for as much as what you know at any point in time. Therefore, if you train yourself and become a well-mannered individual and pay attention to your application, you are likely to have a great chance to stand out and compete with other candidates. 

Small details you should not miss when applying for a job 

Are you the type who agonises over every little detail, especially if it is something you care about? If so, you might already plan carefully before sending over a job application. Even though you have carefully arranged everything, make sure to not miss this checklist. 

Detail #1 Show plenty of professionalism on your resume

What is the name of your resume file? Most people think that it is insignificant. However, a unique labelled file is easy to remember. Label the document in your full name and the position that you are applying for. What is your email? Make sure that your username and domain are palatable in the professional world. Putting your own name as a domain might be a plus. Also, keep the size of your attachments down to 50 kilobytes. Only send sample projects if the company asked for it. Don’t forget to include a cover letter embedded in the body of the email. It is the only opportunity to introduce your resume. Last but not least, proofread the email and its attachments at least twice. It is essential that your email, cover letter, and resume are flawless.

Detail #2 Personal branding

Improve your online presence, so when people search your name on the net, the results will be great. Hiring managers are going to look you up into the search engines. Thus, make sure your online reputation is in good form and keep your online profile up to date. Once again, owning your domain name ( is most likely to impress any hiring managers. If you have time, create a personal website where you put all of your work, experience, and links to other places in cyberspace. Having updated profiles on major social networks is also important for personal branding.

Detail #3 Get a referral from anyone inside the company you are applying for

A referral can be powerful. Someone’s opinion in the company you are applying for could influence a hiring manager’s decision. The result will be greater if the person who becomes your referrals believes that you will be suitable for the position. 

Detail #4 Show that you are an expert in an industry

If you are not a jack of all trades, you are most likely to stick to an industry. You can be an active member in your industry, and it will impress any hiring manager. You are obviously a notable candidate when you show a deep understanding of a certain industry and your past experiences. The key is to start engaging with people in a certain industry. 

Thanks to social media, doing so is not that hard anymore. Try getting engaged in conversations on social media and participate in groups that are related to your industry. Also, share updates regularly with interesting insights and relevant industry happenings. These might sound like extra work - but hiring managers will be seriously impressed even before they meet you! Remember, you are being evaluated the minute you apply for the position.  

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How to have an attitude of a successful person 

First impressions last forever - and it is imperative to make a good impression with a well-mannered attitude on your first interview. Here are some things you should not miss when mastering good manners. 

#1 Be nice and dress nice 

Kindness above all. Kindness has become one of the most common qualities desired all over the world. There is one quote why kindness should be one of your strategies to master good manners: “There is only one rule that I know of, babies - God damn it, you have got to be kind.” In addition to being nice, choose your dress wisely

#2 Always remember that every other human is also a person 

It might sound basic but it takes diligence to remember that every other human is just as human as you are. Once you get it through your overstuffed skull that we are all humans going through the same patterns (recruiting), doing our best and thinking we are the centre of the universe, kindness and empathy get a whole lot easier. 

#3 Don’t continuously stare at your phone before, during, and after business hours 

Unless you are an on-call surgeon, it might look rude to have your phone when you are with other people. It is better and more important if you start a conversation and widen your circles. 

#4 Don’t forget to be gracious to yourself 

True graciousness and the comfort and generosity that comes with it begins with feeling at home in your own skin. This means that you have to practice self-acceptance. And before you go and equate self-facing kindness with selfishness, remember that treating yourself well is good for everyone. The kinder you are to yourself, the kinder you will be to others. 

#5 When in doubt, cast the spell 

When you are in doubt of answering a question, instead of talking nonsense like you are the ‘know-it-all’ guy, it is better to say, “Well, you have certainly given me a lot to think about” and assure your recruiter that you still lack the knowledge but are continuously learning. Recruiters will not downgrade you if you are sincere in your answer. Instead, the courage of telling someone that you are not capable of doing something yet might give more power to go through the day. 

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