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Recruiter’s Job Responsibility in 2019


A business cannot run well without employees and company will see bankruptcy if they did not employ the right people. This is where the job of recruiters matters. – Anonymous

Recruiters are people who have responsibility to bring, employ, and maintain the best candidates in the company. Successful recruitment, Lucas Professional said, can bring a direct validity and professionalism in your business. For a company, recruitment department is a must-have as it can give significant difference in your hiring strategy. Recruiters can find “unique” candidates to fill the position as they have broader perspective about the talent market. Not only cost effective, they can help plan efficient hiring methods that can offer guarantees for a company to grow. Thus, it is essential to have the best recruiter with effective recruitment practices in order to attract the right talents for your business needs.

The best recruiters are those who are passionate in performing their jobs and have the ability to see the potentials in candidates suitable for the organisation. Additionally, a successful recruiter must have good quality and skill to bring in the right candidates. Not only skills and qualities, successful recruiter should also have better knowledge of what their responsibilities are. According to Human Resources Edu, if you break down daily duties of HR recruiting specialist, it will be as seen below:

  • Partnering with hiring manager to discuss staffing needs.

  • Screening candidates resumes.

  • Performing in-person or phone interviews with candidates.

  • Administering appropriate company assessments.

  • Performing reference and background checks.

  • Making recommendations to company hiring managers.

  • Coordinating interviews with the hiring managers.

  • Following up on the interview process status.

  • Maintaining relationship with both internal and external clients to ensure staffing goals are archived.

  • Communicating employer information and benefits during screening process.

  • Staying current on the company’s organisation structure, personnel policy, and federal and state laws regarding employment practices.

  • Serving as a liaison with area employment agencies, colleges, and industry associations.

  • Completing timely reports on employment activity.

  • Conducting exit interviews on terminating employees.

Above are the quick list you should know if you want to be a good and successful recruiter. In the simplest terms, human resources recruiters develop and implement recruiting plans and strategies designed to fulfil company staffing needs. So, if you spell out those list above, here are recruiter’ responsibilities.

Headhunting is finding candidates who are currently employed and convincing them to change employers. The process of headhunting is usually needed to fill professional and executive-level positions.

Candidates screening is a role where recruiters are responsible to screen candidate’s resume and see if they meet minimum requirements. After qualified candidates are being filtered, they will move on to the next step.

Initial interviewing is one of biggest recruiter’s responsibility. It only applies to some organisations. Usually, big organisation will have its own hiring manager and candidates will be directly interviewed by the hiring manager. However, often times, recruiters will conduct the first interview to see if candidates are the qualified ones. Recruiter will also help bridge between candidate’s and hiring manager’s timetable such as when they can meet and have an interview.

Reference and background check is conducted by recruiter when the hiring manager agree with the candidates proposed. Recruiters should verify employment information and contacting the professional and personal contacts provided by candidate.

Strategy and tactics should continuously be established to keep attracting top performers. It is where recruiter pushes boundaries on sourcing and hiring tactics through innovative of new and creative ways of attracting talent to the business.

Collaboration – As a recruiter, you will work collaboratively with marketing department and payroll manager. Collaborative working with marketing is aimed to build and grow brand awareness as well as supporting recruitment efforts. Partnering with payroll manager is conducted to complete and process payroll functions, timecard entries, and collection.

More duties – In a small company, recruiters are also responsible to perform other additional duties as being delegated by senior recruiter, head of recruiting, director of recruiting, and chief human resources officer to run some errands.

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