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Top 7 Must-Have Qualities To Be A Successful Recruiter

Are you aspired to be a successful recruiter? Amidst the changing paradigm in the recruitment industry, do you have what it takes to be a high-achieving recruiter? Recruiting is one among the fastest-growing industry in the job market. While everyone will agree that recruiting is a lucrative business, it does come with great challenges with highly-competitive environment as well.

With the battle for top talents getting tougher, recruiters are required to deliver their best performance in representing their organisations to fetch qualified candidates. In order to succeed in this dynamic field, it requires strong and determined personality.

To tackle down the challenges ahead, necessary educational-degree or good grades in itself is not enough. More than the hard skills you acquire from school, you should possess well-developed soft skills that will help you get ahead of the talent game. Check out the following top 7 must-have qualities and see if you have what it takes to be a great recruiter:

1.       Communication skills

Be it through face-to-face meeting, phone calls, or emails, you should master the art of performing clear and effective communication with potential talents. Working as a recruiter requires you to possess great communication skill, such that it makes you an approachable person with whom candidates can talk and share. Given that you cannot always deliver good news for jobseekers, you have to handle bad situation with the right communication strategy.

2.       Self-confidence

As a recruiter, you will have to go out and meet many kinds of people. As a company’s representative, you should always brace yourself with self-confidence and strong mentality. Only when you are able to demonstrate self-assurance, you can convince and encourage potential talents to join the team.

3.       Great listener

Hiring efforts require great listening skills. During an interview, you should be an attentive listener and pay attention to details to what the interviewee is saying. Unless you possess this skill, there is a risk of misunderstanding the information given
by both clients and candidates. However, when you are able to listen carefully to their needs, this will guarantee your success in securing the deal.

4.       Marketing skill

As you might have heard, recruiting has become more like marketing nowadays. To attract the best talents, you need to enhance your employer brand and ‘sell’ your organisation. At one point, you have to convince your client why candidate A will be the best-fit for their team. On the other hand, you have to convince candidate A why your client should be their next employer.

5.       Good connector

Recruiter should be keen in meeting new people and building networks with them. They have good ability to establish and maintain relationship, both with current and previous clients or talents. You should engage in the relationship and take it as an opportunity to widen your professional network. By presenting yourself as reliable and dependable individual, you will gain trust from them.

6.       Goal-driven mindset

As stated previously, recruitment industry is extremely competitive. To deliver the best results, recruiters need to develop
goal-driven mindset and be ambitious. This skill is also beneficial to help you handle the pressure on getting the right talents.

Additionally, you should possess good time management skill. Since you have to find talents to fill certain positions within scheduled time frame, you should use your time as effectively as possible.

7.       Multitasking skill

attitude, you can be a successful recruiter.flexibleBeing a recruiter is a full-time job. From time to time, you will have to juggle between one task and another. For example, in an urgent hiring, sometimes you are required to fill a position within one week period. Only when you can handle all the process with


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