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How to Decide When Having Two or More Excellent Job Offers


Ursula is dealing with a difficult situation. After graduating from college, she receives several job offers from a number of top employers in the country. While Ursula is a smart and talented individual, this is her very first time stepping into the world of work. Thus, she does not want to make a mistake in choosing her first professional career.

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It might sound like a dream but Ursula is one of many job seekers who have two or more job offers on the table - something that can come as a dilemma. If you are currently facing the same issue, Talentvis would like to share some pivotal advise when choosing between two or more great job offers. Read below…

Step 1 Attend the interview

After you pass the pre-test (if any), you will be invited to an interview session. Attend every interview session as it is where the magic happens. Going to an interview can give you a lead to how the company operates in day-to-day business. You can also peek the work culture of a company, which can help you in the decision making process.

Step 2 Don’t get blinded

An interview is your first step to decide which job offers you want to pursue. Yet, it should not be the only metrics to make the final decision. The job offer could seem good during the interview with appealing salary and compensation. However, don’t let all the shiny cash or work culture blind you from deciding the right one. Remember, the interview only reveals what the employer/recruiter wants to reveal. There might be a lot more behind the scenes.

Step 3 Don’t let them wait

Who does like to wait, right? Waiting is considered as the toughest situation for some people. And for recruiters, they might think that you do not want or are not interested in the job offer. Then, they could cancel the offer at once and you lose the chance to get the job.

Solution: Ask the recruiter or employer if they can give you some time to consider the job offer. Usually, companies will give up to a week to make your decision. During this time, you can do your research and decide whether to take the offer or not. In your research, you need to think about these points: company culture, personal interest (such as salary, compensation, and work-life balance), and employer branding (whether the industry has a good or bad record in the past and how they handle them).

Step 4 Trust your gut feeling

There is no one-size-fits-all in every situation. But there could be a change or improvement within an organisation. Hence, if this is your first leap to a new career: first think of your interest and then, choose one that is likely to fulfil your career goal and that can satisfy your emotional and financial wellbeing. Make a list of all the job offer. Put marks in every consideration and eliminate the one that does not fulfil your interest. Good luck! 

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