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Finding Career Niche that Makes an Impact in Your Life 


Are you working for a paycheck or are you working on your life’s mission? Would you like to discover your inner potential, hidden talents that will create abundance in your life? Read on… 

Most people, especially young generations, are now on the verge of career confusion. As much as 95 percent of workers in the U.S. alone admitted that they are in the wrong roles. Another study that randomly interviewed 1,916 employees between the ages of 23 and 28, asking if they were interested in changing jobs, found that nearly all of them (1,571) said yes, indicating that they are not happy with their current roles. 

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In fact, finding a career niche that is suitable for us could be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Yet, when you find the needle, you can finally finish your knitwork. It is the same in the workforce - when you get in the career that you like, your productivity will flourish. You would want to constantly improve yourself and that is when you feel alive again. Paycheck probably plays as a bonus as you are working towards life satisfaction. 

In short, the right career will bring you to the highest level of life satisfaction and happiness. If you want to come to this point, here are tips from Tony Robbins, motivational speaker and leadership coach. 

Create a life mission statement 

The most successful business has a vision and mission. This should be applicable to your life as well. Having a mission statement will usher you to the right path - not easy - but right. In addition, as you formulate the vision for your career, you will eventually end up at the point or place that you’ve been looking for. 

There are four basic elements to keep in mind here. Include these basic elements in your mission to find your true career niche. 

  • Physical wellbeing, like fairness to others and to yourself so that the basic needs are met 

  • Social, the principles of kindness, dignity, and respect for others

  • Psychological, the principle of growth, identifying, developing, and using talents

  • Spiritual, the principle of contribution 

Have “true north principles” 

Just like a compass where the north never changes, your life and career principles should never change. Principle is different from wants. It is a fundamental truth that serves as a foundation to build your career life. It is the key change that brings anything less than fulfilment. The things that matter to you most (the arrow of a compass), in alignment with your principles. When your values and principles are in alignment, the vision of your life and all areas within it, including work or career path, will be clearer. 

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