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Building and Maintaining Relationship With Recruitment Agency 


At the heart of every job seeker, there is a strong will to land a job as soon as possible. Not only that, but they want also to get a job that suits their lifestyle and preferences. Do you belong to this kind of jobseekers? If yes, then building a relationship with a recruitment agency will be beneficial.  

It is important to build a good relationship with them because a recruiter has the skill and experience in assisting talents find jobs through their established network and existing client relationships. So, how to do that? Here’s a list of tips on how to build and maintain a relationship with a recruitment agency. 

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Give fast response 

There is likely a chance that recruitment agency contacts you first after seeing your resume on social media like LinkedIn. This is a good chance for you, whether you are looking for a new job opportunity or being a passive candidate, to always respond to their messages. This is the very first step to build a relationship with recruiter experts. 

If it turns out that you are not interested in the job they are offering, you can tell them politely that you are not keen in applying for the role, then you could ask for other job offers available if you want. You can say “I appreciate your offer. But I am sorry, that job seems a bit too much for me. If possible, could you please suggest me another option?”, or say “I appreciate the job offer, however, I am not in a position to change my current job. But I am open for your future job offer if any. Thank you.”  Emphasise that you are open for a future opportunity to show your interest and maintain a relationship with them. 

Ask insightful questions 

Giving a response to recruiter’s messages will put you in a short communication with the agency. If you are really serious with your job search, you can ask further questions maintain a strong relationship with them. Having a strong relationship will give you the chance to be recruiter’s first choice when another job offer is available. 

If you have no idea about what to ask, here are some clues for you. 

  • How often do you find talents with similar skill sets as mine in this industry? 

  • What kind of roles would you suggest me to start working right away, as soon as tomorrow, with my current ability and experience? 

  • What types of companies and industries have you placed people like me in? 

  • What experience do you have in an industry that enables you to relate to both clients and candidates? 

Establish open communication 

Open communication means you should be honest and don’t be shy to ask anything including salary. Honesty is the best policy recruiters look for in their candidates. Likewise, be straightforward about salary history and the responsibilities you have held in your previous positions. Don’t lie a single thing because it could harm your reputation if they find out the truth. 

Moreover, there is no reason to withhold information about your salary expectations. It is one of the recruiter's responsibility to suggest a rate that’s fair for both parties; clients and candidates. However, don’t be surprised when recruiter suggests you a job that might be far from your experience, expectation, and skill because they want to provide as many viable options as possible so you can start working sooner. 

Stay in touch 

Recruiters provide guidance during a job search, including resume check and interview session. Therefore, it will be so advantageous to always stay in touch with your recruiter. But you should never expect a recruiter to craft your resume and help you with your interview homework, including company history search and question list to ask on your interview session. They often only provide tips and tricks for you to be successful in your interview. 

In addition, recruiters often continue to provide guidance when you are still a new hire. So, be sure to approach your recruiter first about any issues you experience with a client company. 

Help the recruiter 

Lastly, the only way to show your gratitude toward recruiter who has helped you is to help them get more top talents. If you are happy and satisfied with their service, you can refer them to your friends who are in a job search. It will bring mutual benefits and inspire recruiters to think of you when a new job opportunity arises. 

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