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6 Ways to Stay Sane in a Noisy Working Environment 


Every single day, people would walk across the office lobby in a hurry, some on the phone for hours and hours, while others finish their reports hastily with the noisy hit on the keyboard. The more everyone is under pressure to get tasks completed on a close deadline, the noisier the environment gets. 

While some employees can work just fine under pressure in a noisy environment, some others cannot hold a grudge when they are pressured to work in such conditions. Noise affects each individual differently, afterall, different strokes for different folks. BBC reported that noises can have a great impact on someone’s productivity. 

For example, someone who suffers from misophonia (a recognised disorder in which certain everyday sounds can trigger extreme anxiety, rage or panic) can find it frustrating to work in an environment where everyone chat, yawn, hit a call, etc. Someone in different levels of extroversion and introversion will also react differently to their surrounding noises. 

Are you someone who cannot stand small noises when going fully concentrated? If yes, the following tricks might help you stay productive with or without noises. 

Trick #1 Establish an image of you being the “concentrated worker”

Giving an image to your coworkers that you are fully focused and concentrated on your job can be a signal that you do not welcome any pep talk during work. Play the part by burying yourself in a pile of paper to imply that you just cannot be disturbed during your holy hours. 

Trick #2 Put on some ear plugs/headphone

To block out any noise from the surrounding area, simply wear ear plugs/headphones. If you care enough not to offend anyone with this gesture, try using the transparent silicone plugs. You will be surprised at just how much work gets done by just doing this simple act. 

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Trick #3 Listen to soft music using denoiser earbuds

There is a reason why Beats earbuds are so popular that, in fact, it has become the new standard in personal listening pleasure – these things can help to denoise the environment and provide you with a good concentration of music. You can also listen to soft piano music that helps you focus on work at hand rather than the noise around. 

Trick #4 Listen to meditation music with sounds of nature

You might have heard of the positive effects of listening to soft music with the natural sounds of nature in it like rain, ocean waves, wind blowing or water paddling. Psychologically, the sound of nature calms your nerves, allowing you to relax while trying to beat a deadline. Though it is possible you might feel like dozing off while working, you still would rather hear this type of music than the crazy noise in your work area. 

Trick #5 Snag some work while others are on break

If your deadline is flexible, you can always do the work while others are away or sleeping. This idea is actually robbing you of break time, but if your project means so much to you, then it is the fastest simplest way to get things done. One hour of quiet work during lunch break is also enough to make an impact on your overall work productivity.  

Trick #6 Excuse yourself to work somewhere else 

Many companies have now offered flexible schedules and working arrangements. Hence, why not ask your supervisor and see if you can finish the deadline somewhere else outside the office - a place you prefer and give you a booster to work better. Just ask and cite your reason for not being able to work in a noisy environment. 

The worst place to work is somewhere where we are constantly distracted by small things. Be it at home or office, if you cannot manage the surroundings, you might be constantly annoyed by the noise. Hopefully, the tricks above can help you get out of your noise frustration, improving your wellbeing, as well as work outcomes. 

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