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3 Career Mistakes That Can RUIN Your Professional Reputation


As the old adage says, “We cannot avoid mistakes in life but we can learn from it and not repeat it again.”

Being a human and a professional, messing things up at work is common and unavoidable. For some time, the errors we make can be fixed and forgiven. But there are some fatal mistakes with big consequences, thus, destroying our professional reputation. The critical mistakes in the workplace will also hamper our career growth in an organisation as we might have to resign and start a new career from scratch in another company.

So, what are those “deadly faults”? Here they are.

Mistake #1 Bring personal problem to work

Sometimes, due to stressful tasks, we vent our emotions to coworkers and somehow it makes our day even worse. Too often, personal problems affect our performance and productivity at work because we don’t know how to maintain it. This is an obvious reason why your employer will put your name on a red list as an employee who cannot work professionally.

Personal problem often occurs at the wrong time and at the wrong moment. When it happens, it could ruin your mood that you find it difficult to concentrate on a project. The problem is, some people find it hard to leave personal problems at home or job problems at work.

In this case, the first thing to do is to make clear about the source of the problem as it occurs. If the problem happens in the workplace and involves a coworker, invite the said person for a coffee break and initiate the talk to find a solution together. If the problem comes from a personal relationship or family, it would be best to take a day off and address the issue right away.

Mistake #2 Text about the troubles

Texting can be an efficient way to communicate when you - or the person you are contacting is - currently busy or in a meeting. However, texting can be the most misunderstood way of communication too. Spelling or grammar mistake can make you look unprofessional. Besides, if you write too many spelling errors, your message cannot be delivered to the recipient, leading to poor understanding and sometimes, it can create huge trouble for you.

Hence, save your reputation and re-check your grammar and spelling when texting or sending emails. Get your message straight to the point. If it is a very important message, ask someone else to proofread your writing. It is just a text, but if it is sent to a prospective client, even the slightest mistake can wreck the entire organisation’s life.

Mistake #3 Forget your manner/behaviour

As a human, it is normal to make a decision that leads to regret. But don’t let it happen to you. For example, you forget your manners as an employee. Bursting all around the place of how bad the employer/work environment is. Or, quitting your job without a proper notice which is the most common way of damaging a relationship with an employer.

This might sound simple but your relationship with former employers can determine your career in the future. Why? Because companies often ask for a reference from a former employer when you apply for a new job.

Thus, if you think that you ever did or said something in a wrong manner, take action and be humble. Send an email or private message on social media is a great first step in making amends. However, it is always better to apologise in person.


Those are three common work mistakes that could ruin a career. Are you committing one of them or did you ever witness worse mistake your friend’s make?

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