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10+ Ways to Find a Job during the New Normal


Finding work opportunities takes detective work, especially in times of crisis like today, because most jobs might not be posted on the internet and employers usually prefer internal hiring for a senior-level position. Yet, there are certain ways that can help you land your dream job, be it in the junior or senior level. From the following list, choose two or more methods you think are the most effective in most circumstances. 

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  • Attend an online workshop, seminar, and learn the opportunities. Connect and grow a relationship with people from the seminar/workshop. From this networking, you can learn so many job opportunities. 

  • Registering with private employment/placement agencies. Recruitment agencies might know some hidden opportunities. 

  • Frequently check job postings on job platforms. 

  • Hear about work opportunities through friends and acquaintances. Ask about the opportunity then research the job. 

  • Contact executive search firms. 

  • Post your resume on employment-related websites, such as LinkedIn, Meetup, Xing, or Bark. 

  • Use the services of the placement office at a post-secondary education institution you have attended online/offline (for fresh graduates). 

  • Approach employers directly and ask about job openings, if you have the network it will be easier. 

  • Attend online career or job fairs. During the pandemic, recruiters are shifting their career fairs online. Find the opportunity to attend one. 

  • Pay attention to news reports about new projects and think about the types of work that will be generated and where. 

  • Meet people in fields that interest you by doing volunteer work. 

  • Place “employment wanted” ads in newspapers, trade magazines, or on the internet. 

  • Search career sites, bulletin boards, and companies’ home pages on the internet. 

  • Consult a career or employment consultant. 

Although different methods of finding work are more effective in different circumstances, more successful job seekers find work through personal contacts (networking) and approaching employers directly than through all other job search methods combined. That is because most employment opportunities are never advertised or posted electronically. They are in the “hidden job market”. So, what are you waiting for? Start networking now

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