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Survival Tips: How to Live On the Job You Hate

Does the idea of waking up in the morning and having to go to work make you cringe? You might be in a problematic situation when you find that you are not really into your current job. Be it because of the demanding boss, obnoxious coworkers, or unbelievable workloads, there are various reasons that make it hard for you to come to the office, get your tasks done, and impatiently wait for the working hours to finish.

At this point, the idea of turning in a resignation letter and move on for better career might have crossed your mind. But wait! When you reconsider the option, you find that it is too risky. Amidst today’s fiercer competition in the job market, there is no guarantee that you will land a job soon while there are numerous bills you have to pay no matter you are employed or not.

What should you do, then? The answer is obvious: just try to survive. However, being in a survival mode is not merely forcing yourself to stay at the place where you hate to be. Instead, this will be more about how you can manage your mindset so you will not be overwhelmed with the idea that you hate your job. Below, we share some important tips on how you can deal with such situation:

Identify the reason

It is important to know which part of your job that you hate, as well as why and when you start to dislike it. For example, if at first you are actively engaged and happy with your job then you suddenly feel gloomy and depressed when you are assigned to another department, then the root problem could be caused by the fact that you do not fit the new role. When you already know the reason, you can seek solution to address the issue and improve the situation.

Ask for support

You should not bear everything by yourself. Sharing your problem with people who care about you is a crucial mental support that will help you go through the down times at work. Choose the right people you can trust, such as family members or close friends, to talk about your dilemma and ask for their advices about it. However, you should be careful when you discuss about it with someone in your workplace. Be it the coworkers or supervisor, you should make sure that they will support you and not think negatively about your condition.

Create a meaning

Think of the reason why you decide to join the team in the first place. There should be a thing or two that can be the reason for you to stay in the job, such as good colleagues, impressive benefits, or inspiring leaders. You need to hold on that thoughts and stay positive. Reminding yourself about how you can create meaning and contribute to the team, company, and society through could also help you gain a sense of belonging. Doing simple yet thoughtful kindness at work such as making coffee for your friends or lending a helping hand will make you feel useful and loved, so you will have more reason to stay on the job.

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