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Tue, 01 Sep 2020 10:00 AM


Webinar Meeting

Greying Population: Employment Trend in Healthcare

Singapore is facing a rapidly greying population, with the UN projecting that nearly half of the nation’s total population will be aged 65 years or older in 2050. The expected growth of the older adult population will have an unprecedented impact on the healthcare system, especially in terms of supply of and demand for health care workers. The growing demand for care facilities for senior citizens will create many employment opportunities, especially in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare employment has been growing steadily in recent years, and as the next generation ages, it will no doubt need to grow even more. Join us as we discuss this subject in Talentvis’ Webinar “Greying Population: Employment Trend in Healthcare”. In this session, Vernon Du will share about the effects of swelling elderly populations to the healthcare system and its labor force participation.

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