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Tue, 11 Aug 2020 10:00 AM


Webinar Meeting

Mindset and Adaptability, During COVID-19

Cultivating the right mindset is critical to achieve success in our lives. And with an unprecedented crisis like today, nurturing an adaptable mindset could be a great measure against change and disruption that is happening in all aspects of life. Someone who demonstrates adaptability has the ability to be flexible and respond effectively even in situations where things do not go as planned. During COVID-19 pandemic, an adaptable mindset is a critical quality that can help talents and businesses thrive and survive amidst rapid changes in both society and industry.

Level up your mindset and adaptability skills in our upcoming Talentvis’ Webinar “Mindset and Adaptability, During COVID-19”. In this session, Jasmine Choong will share with us useful tips on how to train our mindset to be more adaptable.

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