Date and Time

Tue, 18 Aug 2020 10:00 AM


Webinar Meeting

How to Recession Proof Your Career?

Do recession-proof careers actually exist? The presence of Coronavirus has shackled the beliefs of many regarding the future of their career. Industries that were once seen as ‘secured businesses’ like retail, hospitality, tourism and travel, entertainment, and food service/restaurants, now suffer the biggest from the current crisis. These industries are also predicted to have hard times to recover to their normal services.

Amidst the economic downturn, you might be wondering, ‘So how do I make sure that my career is recession-proof?’ In Talentvis’ Webinar “How to Recession Proof Your Career?”, Daryl Lim will share with us how to protect and advance your career in difficult economic times, including developing new skills and changing old habits.

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