Senior Legal Manager

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Responsibilities / Introduction

1. Responsible for reviewing the legality and compliance of the company's various contracts and documents;
2. Responsible for handling company business disputes, litigation, arbitration and other legal affairs;
3. Responsible for the company's daily internal legal affairs and policy risk control;
4. Provide legal support for company investment mergers and acquisitions, equity transfers, company establishment and other activities;
5. Responsible for the education and training of relevant legal knowledge and regulations within the company, and enhance the legal awareness of all employees;
6. Participate in coordination and coordination with the government, industry associations, law firms, judicial departments, etc.;
7. As the company's legal affairs, take full responsibility for other legal support required in the process of operation and management.


1. Familiar with relevant laws, able to independently conduct contract review and handle legal disputes, and have experience in litigation or related non-litigation projects;
2. Strong logical thinking ability, communication and coordination, language expression ability;
3. Bachelor degree or above in full-time law major;
4. More than three years of legal experience, with a legal background in a logistics company or an international freight company is preferred;
5. Those who have a lawyer's qualification certificate are preferred;
6. Can speak Mandarin



Senior Legal Manager

Indonesia  |