Plant Manager

Thailand  |  Saraburi - Nong Khae

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Responsibilities / Introduction

  • Ensure that the communication channels with the workforce remain always strong so the aims and requirements of the Company are fully understood
  • Provide opportunities for all levels of the workforce to contribute to the ongoing success of the company
  • Actively communicate with the General Manager and peer colleagues of Commercial, Marketing and Finance to provide a coherent customer focused business approach
  • Ensure that all financial targets of the factory particularly product manufactured unit costs and maintenance expenditure are achieved
  • To develop and maintain an action plan that creates a direction and path forward that will see the factory prepared for the long term needs of the business. The action plan will focus on the continuous improvement exercises aimed at improving the key factory efficiency indicators
  • To be aware of and implement all current health, safety and environmental legislation in order to ensure that the factory operates within legal boundaries and provides a satisfactory workplace for our employees
  • To maintain adequate and accurate records of production activities such that the standard satisfies the requirements of ISO9001
  • Manage the workplace culture so that all employees feel responsible for the improvement of product quality
  • Ensure where appropriate that programs are in place to maintain good relations with the local community and our nearest neighbors


  • Thai Natioanlity, Male only.
  • Age 45 - 50  years old 
  • Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • At least 5-10 years in managerial level  with  Manufacturing environment as Plant or Factory manager.
  • Specific knowledge in Manufacturing management, Production management, Quality control and assurance management, Maintenance management, Warehouse management
  • Good command of English



Plant Manager

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