R&D Manager - Textile Chemical Industry

Indonesia  |  Bandung

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This position is accountable for organizing Technology team to provide technical service internally and externally, manage product modifications and new product development to fulfill market and customer requirements. This position is also responsible for Marketing Products by managing marketing, promotion, seminar and campaign activities to expand sales of marketing products portfolio and to achieve its annual sales target.


  1. Develop or modify new product related to the market demand, ensure the planning, performing, priority, reviewing and verifying all developing activities to meet customer requirements.
  2. Coordinate interdepartmental relations with Plant, Production, SHEQ-A, Commercial and MS Manager to cover all quality and performance of products, development or modification of new products according to the market demand.
  3. Coordinate with Head office and affiliate for technical issue, announce new products and adapted products developments and to ensure that all developed products are inline with the overall strategy.
  4. Organizes, develop, improve all testing and evaluation capability of CIT lab in order to ensure optimum technical sales service as well as performance of our products for MS Manager, sales force or affiliate and to meet standard and customer requirements.
  5. Support sales force with activities eg visit the customers to give technical support, distribute information, plant trial and analyze and discuss the result with sales force or customers.



R&D Manager - Textile Chemical Industry

Indonesia  |