Brand Manager (Baby Product)

Indonesia  |  Jakarta

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Responsibilities / Introduction

Job description:

  1. Responsible & execute for branding marketing plan and work planning table
  2. Analyze and report branding marketing competitor
  3. Responsible for company marketing plan and IP Management
  4. Responsible for brand awareness training of company employees, training of other department marketing skills, and brand management capabilities
  5. Ensure company’s brand and corporate culture are consistent and maintain brand-media relations 


Job Qualifications:
1. Work in the marketing department of first-line top brands and emerging entrepreneurial brands in foreign or local consumer industries, with more than 3 years of work experience, priority is given to maternal and child, fast-moving consumer brand experience background
2. Possess stong and solid full-brand management experience, familiar with products, media, creativity, marketing and other multi-sector skills.
3. Have many experiences in branding new products or brands
4. Priority is given to candidates who have successfully built experience for start-up brands
5. Accurate insight into the needs of the industry and consumers, and provide a meaningful planning plan for the brand's annual project and daily communication
6. Have good teamwork, strong execution, good professional ethics, good logic deduction ability, planning integrated thinking, and problem solving ability



Brand Manager (Baby Product)

Indonesia  |