Senior Financial Supervisor

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Responsibilities / Introduction

Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor or above degree from well-known financial universities, finance majors are preferred
2. Able to work in English and Chinese
3. More than 5 years of financial work experience, have team management experience.
4. Proficient in risk management, corporate internal control, taxation and other professional theoretical knowledge;
5. Proficient in corporate internal control regulations and guidelines and other related laws, familiar with corporate business management processes;
6. Under 45 years old.


The responsibilities of this position will include:
1. Responsible for organizing daily accounting job, issuing financial statement, and disclosing accounting information. Ensuring accounting policy what the company using is standard, and the financial statement is accurate and timely.
2. Responsible for organizing, implementing, monitoring and analyzing yearly budget.
3. Responsible for monthly business report. Prompting the operation risk, proposing improvement measures, and providing support for the company's decision-making according to the business report.
4. Responsible for organizing the company's daily fund management, making and executing funding plan to ensure the safety of funds.
5. Responsible for organizing the daily management of taxation, paying taxes legally and compliantly; Coordinating the tax planning and analyzing relevant tax laws and preferential tax policies.
6. Monitoring the cost and actual expense. Analyzing what caused the cost and expense fluctuations , find out problems in time and prompt to adjust.
7. Organizing collecting accounting files, keep or transfer accounting files as required.
8. Organizing to make the department's planning, process system construction, informatization construction, team building and other project work.
9. Sending necessary information to regulatory agencies.



Senior Financial Supervisor

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