Engineering Manager (Ruby)

Indonesia  |  Jakarta

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Responsibilities / Introduction

- Manage a team of software engineers, including task planning and code reviews.
- Plan, write, and review service specifications to determine how Alodokter’s infrastructure is implemented.
- Drive technical projects and provide leadership in an innovative and fast-paced environment.
- Be responsible for overall planning, execution, and success of complex technical projects.
- Work closely across the Engineering organization to ensure we are building the best products.
- Identify best practices and tools to develop to maximize the ability to build and maintain scalable services and execute on those projects.
- Contribute technically to projects.


Minimum Qualifications:
- Degree in Computer Science or a related field.
- Relevant work experience, including industry experience.
- Demonstrated expertise in problem solving and technical innovation.
- Technical experience in distributed systems, including databases, caching, inter-service communication, networking, and cloud services
- Technical management experience managing teams consisting of five or more.
- People management skills, a proven track record of mentoring, and coaching team members.
- Excellent communication skills.



Engineering Manager (Ruby)

Indonesia  |