In-Demand Skills to Learn While Working Full-Time

by Emma • Fri, 04 Mar 2022 13:31PM
In-Demand Skills to Learn While Working Full-Time

Is it possible to learn new skills that can enhance your career while making sure your full-time job stays on track? Thanks to the impeccable rise of the internet, learning new skills can be done anytime and anywhere. However, some skills do have lengthy course materials, making it difficult for full-time employees to dedicate time and energy to learn them. To avoid spending too much time on something that might not have a significant influence on your career, here are some in-demand skills you can learn while working a full-time job!

1 . Microsoft Excel

One of the most useful, yet often neglected skills is mastering Microsoft Excel. Many job positions require candidates to have mastery in Microsoft Excel, but there are also job functions that do not. More than just for making columns and tables, you can actually do both basic and complex mathematical functions with Microsoft Excel. You can also analyze data to create forecasting predictions and convert large amounts of data into visually appealing graphs and charts. Even though not all job functions make use of this tool, it is never a loss to learn this in-demand skill; if not for professional use, it will be very beneficial for personal use. Moreover, this skill does not take up much time and effort to complete, making it a suitable skill to learn for full-time employees. 

2 . Digital Marketing

Another in-demand skill that you can learn while working full-time is digital marketing. If you are spending quite some time scrolling through social media on a daily basis, digital marketing skills will be very fun to learn. Basically, this skill tells you how to attract potential customers through various channels online, such as websites, email, online marketplace, YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, and many more. This is also one of the in-demand skills that are relatively easy to learn amidst your busy schedule since it consists of less theory and more practice. This means you can start applying your knowledge while you are learning. Marketing skills will get you far in life; either as a digital marketer for your employer or for your own small business in the future!

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3 . Product Management

Product management is primarily concerned with making a product as good as it possibly can be. This may involve taking into account market demand, conducting surveys and prospective user testing, serving as a liaison between the product's engineers and designers, and so on. A fundamental awareness of how to read and analyze data effectively is a crucial talent to have, which is why mastering product management is beneficial for every type of job. Whether you are trying to pursue a managerial role or even aiming to build your own startup, product knowledge is crucial to learn. Even better, you can learn this skill during your spare time. For example, this course on product management only takes 11 hours to complete and can be finished in a few weeks, so you do not need to worry about not getting your main job done.

4 . Google Analytics

With everything happening online, you cannot afford to be left behind in making use of analytics from the world’s most used search engine: Google. Google Analytics can give you excellent consumer behavior insights, provide valuable feedback for your website pages/links, and assist you in addressing crucial concerns such as where and how to spend your marketing expenditures, and which leads to follow to conversion. You can start with taking the beginner course, which only takes up a few hours to complete at any pace you find comfortable; within days, weeks, or even months. The best thing about learning Google Analytics, other than its course timeline suits full-time workers, is that it is free!

Learning new skills as a full-time employee is surely more challenging compared to when you are a fresh graduate with no job yet or a part-time employee. However, the very little spare time you have as a full-time employee can be leveraged into increasing your professional values by learning in-demand skills. After all, learning new skills is not about finding time, but making time. Happy learning!

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