Customers are Craving for Brand Experience, Experiential Marketing is the Answer

by Eden • Tue, 25 Oct 2022 12:10PM
Customers are Craving for Brand Experience, Experiential Marketing Activation is the Answer

Brands need to make customers experience the brand's products and services. Brand activation with experiential marketing techniques will make lasting impressions and establish an emotional connection with customers.

With markets reopening, brands need to do more than increase sales but make consumers experience the brand's products and services. Brands need a strategy that starts with temporary events but creates lasting impressions. These positive impressions are bound to create brand awareness, establish emotional connections with customers, enhance customer lifetime value, and end up with ROI values.

To do this, a brand needs to go above and beyond with experiential marketing as a key method. Brand activation with experiential marketing or engagement marketing aims to distinguish your brand by implementing a marketing strategy that invites audiences to interact with your brand in a real-world situation. The key to experiential marketing is to use hands-on participatory and tangible material to increase relevance with the people attending.

This method should be effective because the data shows that more than 35% of consumers plan to engage with brands via experiential moments. Then, 7 out of 10 consumers would likely amplify positive brand experiences, either through word-of-mouth or social media. So if you can conduct experiential marketing in some ways, it would bring far deeper engagement than you might imagine.

Here are a few key insights to make experiential marketing an effective strategy for brand activation.

Clear Communication

Be clear on everything. Be clear on the brand, the message, and the value. Your campaign should reflect what your brand offers and what your customers will experience with your brand. Shows brand personality and demonstrates the brand's value. 

Make Sure it is Measurable

To measure online experiences, we can easily use CTRs, viewers, or engagement insight. But it might be somewhat complicated for offline experiences that don't directly lead to sales. Find any other way to measure the campaign such as headcount, post-event surveys, registration, etc.

Take an Integrated Approach

Experiential marketing tends to be event-centric, so it is only natural if you focus on creating offline experiences and interactions. But don't forget to also incorporate digital components to encourage online dialogue around it.

Go Beyond Standard Advertisements

To maximize the effectiveness of the experiential marketing program, ensure the experience is one-of-a-kind so people will not be able to feel or see it anywhere else. Also, opt for more soft-selling or experience-based marketing so that customers can easily relate to your brand without you needing to push with hard-selling. 

Finally, data shows that the primary challenges regarding experiential marketing programs are mostly about the lack of ROI. Following this is the issue of scaling up, as well as a lack of internal resources. 

Therefore, if you want to accomplish optimal brand activation through experiential marketing, you should employ an activation partner who can assist you with brainstorming the most suitable experiential form for your brand, then execute it flawlessly.

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