Simple Ways to Create a Powerful Internal Presentation

by Emma • Wed, 13 Oct 2021 02:41AM
Simple Ways to Create a Powerful Internal Presentation

Showing craftiness during an internal presentation can be a way to “show off” your skills at work. Unlike external presentation, in which most big companies have brand guidelines to follow, an internal presentation leaves you with a space to think outside the box and a chance to make your demonstration more memorable for others. By delivering a thorough presentation backed up with great visuals, it shows your managers and bosses alike that you are proactive and willing to take additional efforts to improve your performance. 

A good presentation is about much more than the slides you unveil in front of the audience. Here are some simple ways to create a powerful internal presentation that leaves a real impact. 

Presentation templates
First of all, do not waste most of your time working on your presentation’s visuals. At the end of the day, what you say during a presentation is more important than the aesthetic. There is no need to build your presentation from scratch, plenty of websites provide presentation templates you can use for free. On top of saving time, using templates can give you a leeway to actually focus on the materials being presented without having to forsake the aesthetic value of your presentations.

One of the top websites for free presentation templates is Slide Carnival. The website offers a wide array of templates sorted out by theme and colors from which you can filter according to your taste and necessity. It also allows you to download those templates either as PowerPoint template or Google Slide template, making it easier for you to work on the file.

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Customizing templates
After finding the right template to use, it is time to customize your presentation and make the template exclusively yours. There are several keys to “upgrade” a free template that include colors, photos, and icons. Customizing free templates does not require extensive time nor effort, if you know where to look. By upgrading these aspects, your presentation will look more personalized and unique in the eyes of the audience.

  • Colors - Changing the color theme from free downloaded presentation templates is the first hack in order to have an impressive presentation. You may adjust the color theme of your presentation according to the company’s brand colors, showing that despite being creative, you understand the company’s brand. Yet, you can always let loose your imagination and roll with what you think is the most suitable. Some of the websites you can choose color palettes and even customize one on your own are Color Hunt and My Color Space.

  • Photos - Let’s be real here, using Google Images will not make your presentation stand out. Instead, try utilizing free stock photos websites and maximize your presentation by using their high quality photos. Some websites like Pixabay and Unsplash even have a feature that lets you choose the photo’s resolution, in case some photos are too big, size-wise, and will make your presentation less accessible.

  • Icons - Visual speaks louder. Instead of writing ideas word by word, you can use icons that best represent your arguments. Not only does this make your presentation more clean and sleek, but it also helps the audience to absorb the information faster and more efficiently. Some of the websites you can refer to for free icon assets are Flat Icon and The Noun Project.

Accessing free resources means you have to be responsible while using it. Most of the websites mentioned in this article will let users benefit from their resources for personal and commercial use but only with proper attribution. This attribution entails mentioning the creator and link to their website. As long as you abide by this condition, thousands of resources online are under your disposal to impress your coworkers and managers. Remember to always be creative and wise with your conduct at work. Good luck!

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