Job Review on SEO Specialist

by Emma • Fri, 14 Jan 2022 23:22PM
Job Review on SEO Specialist

Running a business in the age of Google is tricky. In the era where people can easily look up anything on the Internet, you want your brand to be highly visible online. The search engine is the place where people seek answers and find information about (practically) everything. If you want your business to be the first one to show up on search engines when people type certain keywords, you will need to enhance your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. And to make sure that you are doing it right, you will need an SEO Specialist. 


SEO Specialist at a Glance

SEO Specialists can boost the visibility of a website on Google by doing keyword research and utilizing SEO technologies such as Google Analytics and Ahrefs. Some may also collaborate closely with other members of the marketing team to develop new projects or improve the management of social media pages in order to increase user engagement and traffic. They will also identify relevant optimization techniques such as creating keyword-rich SEO content, constructing useful backlinks to your site, and improving technical SEO elements such as website code and page speed. 


Job Responsibilities

In brief, SEO specialists develop, execute, and evaluate on-page and off-page optimization strategies that will allow websites to rank better in search engine results pages (SERPs). Here are some in-depth job responsibilities of an SEO specialist: 


  • Create optimization approaches to boost the company's search engine ranks.

  • Identify, develop, and responsible for key SEO KPIs; Traffic, Monitor redirects, click rate, bounce rate, and other relevant KPIs

  • Develop Off-page SEO strategies (inbound traffic, Link Building) to Site and Blog

  • Evaluate SEO keywords on the company's website and promotional materials.

  • Set quantifiable targets that show progress in marketing activities.

  • Organize and coordinate performance indicators to have a better understanding of the SEO strategy's performance.

  • Create continuous process flow improvement to perform regular keyword research to be implemented

  • Manage SEO strategy in collaboration with other departments, such as the Marketing Team, UX/UI, Product Team, and Data Analysis Team.

  • Create engaging and high-quality website content, such as blog entries and page descriptions.


Skills and Qualifications

What does it take to be an SEO Specialist? Most SEO Specialists start their careers in another industry before strengthening their niche-specific talents and utilizing their transferrable skills and educational backgrounds to land a position in SEO. Many of them start off as SEO interns or SEO content writers for one to two years to gather experience and upskill prior to becoming SEO Specialists. To get a detailed look, here is one of the examples of skills and qualifications required to apply for the SEO Specialist role:


  • 1-3 years of experience in successfully developing and executing SEO campaigns

  • Proven experience in Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics. Additional expertise in other software like SEMrush, Screaming Frog, and Ahrefs will be a great advantage

  • Understanding of search engine algorithms and ranking methods

  • Knowledge of keyword research and data mining tools

  • Able to complete competitive analysis of other companies within the industry

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (email, phone, etc.)

  • Comfortable analyzing high volumes of data on a daily basis

  • Familiarity with WordPress or other content management systems

  • Experience with other marketing aspects like customer growth and promotion is a plus


Up until today, there are no college or university degrees specifically related to SEO, but it is unusual to encounter a job description for an SEO Specialist that does not include a Bachelor's or equivalent in a related major, such as business, marketing, or communications. If you are interested in diving into this field, you can start by joining online courses and certifications on SEO, so you will have legitimate proof that you have the expertise in SEO, other than your Bachelor’s degree.


Job Prospect in 2022

With most businesses going online and a brand's digital presence becoming critically important, hiring an SEO specialist is now a must for companies. Both small and big businesses that have a website are now investing in SEO to achieve the greatest rank in search engine results. A career in SEO is growing more popular, and if you look at the history and recent adverts on significant job sites, you will see that the need for SEO specialists is rocketing. SEO professionals' job security is relatively solid and they earn promising salaries in addition to having prospective career opportunities. Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not track SEO specialists, it does estimate an 18% increase in job opportunities for market research analysts. 


If you are curious about embarking on a new career path that is in demand, a job as an SEO content writer may be a great stepping stone to becoming an SEO specialist later on. Stay tuned for more information about job vacancies as SEO Specialists in Talentvis!

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