Changing Roles within Your Company? Here is What to Consider

by Emma • Fri, 21 Jan 2022 20:27PM
Changing Roles within Your Company? Here is What to Consider

Have you ever wanted to try a new job, but not wanting to quit your current company? It is a dilemma when as much as you want to take on a new challenge, you might have found comfort in your workplace. Such a feeling is not new, especially for employees who have worked in the same role at a company for years. Then, it raises a question: is it possible to switch jobs within an organization? The answer is yes! Many companies are adopting internal recruitment to fill vacancies from their existing workforce. Meanwhile, some others actually allow their employees  to move from one division to another. 

If changing roles internally sparks your interest, there are several points you need to pay attention to. Here they are: 

Make Sure It Is Viable

The bad news: not all companies make room for department switches. Before reaching out to your manager about your intention, do your homework and confirm that it is indeed possible in the first place. First and foremost, research your company's horizontal transfer policy. Some small-size businesses like startups may encourage its employees to keep an open eye to possible opportunities for personal growth by trying out different roles. But, not all organizations embrace this culture. Thus, it is critical to observe your employer's standards and procedures so that your company can be consistent in their processes and provide you with the best possible journey as a ‘new kid on the block’ in the new department.

Think Twice (Or More)

The grass always looks greener on the other side, but is it actually greener? When you think about switching jobs within your company, you really need to think twice, or even more. Do you have the skills to take on the new responsibilities? Will you be able to adapt to the new role, all the good and bad that may come along with it? If you have become extremely bored with your current job, a change might make a lot of sense. However, there is no harm in trying to consider your current role, how many years you have served, and the benefits that come along with it. 

Will you miss out on your department's annual raise if you switch divisions? Are there any additional benefits you are eligible for that you are worried about losing? If you have been in your current role for a while, you have probably spent a lot of time and effort accumulating benefits. Some of those may not follow you if you depart to other divisions. Carefully think about the decision you are about to make, even though it may not be finalized yet or anytime soon.

Strike a Balance between Being Hopeful and Realistic

What good will it bring to the company if you switch roles? You may simply want a change of air, but your employer needs to see beyond your personal growth. This is where you need to stay realistic, no matter how hopeful you want to be about having a career shift. Aside from knowing that you are capable of carrying out new job responsibilities in the department you aim for, prepare convincing reasons on how the switch will benefit your company.

For example, you are currently working as a graphic designer, but you really want to try a job in the business development department. While the switch looks seamless, since you have probably worked together with this department, you need to know that these two are different fields that require different expertise. You may be an expert on Adobe Photoshop, but will you be able to master strategizing business plans? If you will, then understand your value proposition; have proof that you can do the new job and your company reaps benefits from it. 

If you have fixed your ambition to switch jobs within your current company, then it is time to study as much as you can. Make every effort to explore as much as you can about the potential job you want to go into. Meet individuals who are currently in that position, listen to their discussions, take notes, and ask questions. This expresses your eagerness and support in your preparation for your future work.

Plan a Seamless Transition

The company may make it viable to switch departments. You have made up your mind about this decision. You may have also acquired skills that will help you function in a new department to aim for. Now, there is one thing you need to have under control; the transition. While you may be keen to move on, you must also analyze the present situation in your division. 

If you are in a supervisor or team leader position, you have to prepare everything to ensure that your current project or major duties are done or can be delegated. You also need to make sure you have a candidate from your fellow staff as your prospective successor. Tie up any loose ends and prepare your current team for a professional career without you. 

If you are a team member, you still need to make sure that leaving your department will not ruin the whole team’s dynamics and workflow. Always be transparent to your supervisor or manager, even when the switch is yet to be implemented, so they can strategize a plan to delegate your tasks to another staff member. You surely do not want to leave your division on a bad term, especially since you are still staying at the same company.

Final Words

Being in a company that you think is convenient enough to work in for the long run is blissful. That being said, it makes perfect sense that you may want to try another role without having to leave the company. One thing to remember is that you should not rush into decisions, especially when it comes to your career. Always think carefully, consider all possible situations, and have a plan in hand for everything.

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