2022 Hiring Trend: Guide for Employers and Jobseekers

by Emma • Mon, 01 Nov 2021 06:39AM
2022 Hiring Trend: Guide for Employers and Jobseekers

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The world is rapidly changing and so is the hiring trend. Either you are an employer or a job seeker, keeping up with the latest hiring trends is mandatory if you want to stand out from the competitors. The pandemic has altered many aspects in the world of work throughout 2020 and 2021. And next year, more things are about to change, too. So, what are the hiring trends of 2022? Today, Talentvis presents a brief insight into what you can expect in 2022 so you can better prepare to hire and be hired.


Major Stimulus for 2022 Trends

COVID-19 changed people's lives in a variety of ways, including job search. While many organizations halted their operations leading to individuals losing their employment as a result of the pandemic, some other companies thrived. Both employers and employees had to confront the issues provided by global lockdown for months and discover effective solutions. This involves redesigning work procedures to accommodate remote work and developing new communication methods without impeding productivity. 

Another stimulus is that the job market is quite worrisome for employers. According to a Jobcase report, 34% of respondents had no plans to return to the office in the near future. The major reasons for this are COVID-19-related worries and poor pay that they are unable to accept at this time. Employers must now work much harder to seek and recruit the best applicants to fill open positions. They begin to consider increased pay, improve employer branding, engage in advertising, and find new methods to attract talents in a crowded job market.

Most importantly, HR technology has progressed. Throughout the last several years, many aspects of the recruitment process, such as recruitment tools and job applications, have been digitized and automated. As a consequence, recruiting managers are better off focusing on the interpersonal and social aspects of recruitment rather than the repetitive tasks. HR tech allows companies to improve operations and focus more on identifying the top talents in the field.


1 . AI Hiring with Natural Language Processing (NLP)

In the past, recruiters would spend the majority of their time sifting through hundreds of candidates’ CVs when hiring for one particular post. As a result, they would search just for keywords, ignoring the rest of the contents, which is one of the most inefficient methods of sorting out candidates. Thanks to NLP, an innovation in AI hiring, it significantly reduces the process and protects against unconscious bias in search for the best-qualified individuals. NLP interprets natural language using lexical, semantic, and other types of analysis, as well as hidden meanings, feelings, and purpose. NLP can manage legal papers, construct algorithms that match possible applicants to job openings, and help recruiters with tedious chores like reading CVs.


2 . Predictive and Data analytics

Recruiters may leverage worker’s data history to their advantage using predictive analytics. It takes into account criteria like past work experience, personality qualities, and skill sets in order to identify individuals who are most likely to succeed in the position. Predictive analytics may also be used to identify possible applicants who may not be actively looking for work but are open to new possibilities. It can also detect current employees who are thinking about quitting. Predictive analytics, when combined with AI, has the ability to significantly change recruiting strategies and approaches. If your company has not utilized data analytics to its fullest potential, consider adopting this method. On the other hand, if you are a fresh graduate with skills in data analytics, you have a bigger shot in landing your dream job in 2022 or sooner!


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3 . Fresh Talents of Gen Z

If you think Gen Z is those who are in pre teen or who spend their time outside of school playing Valorant or making TikTok, you are wrong. Many Gen Z have already matured and entered the workforce. In comparison to Millennials, they have quite different perspectives on work and professions. They are known to be aware of work-life balance and a focus on quality over quantity, especially in the post-pandemic environment. As a result, businesses must encourage flexibility and remote work choices available. Since they have little recollection of life before technology, they are more likely to trust companies that incorporate the latest technologies into their workflows. If you want Gen Z to join your business, you must first convince them. Prove that you are concerned not only about generating revenue, but also about their career and personal development.


4 . Lookout on the Referral Program

Finding top talents among thousands of job seekers may not be that big of a deal, but finding ones who are proven to be qualified and can be vouched for? Not so easy, but there is a way out: referral program. This trend is most likely here to stay even in 2022, since candidates from referral programs are actually vouched for by a company’s current employee. Employees who have been suggested are frequently a great social match, high achievers, and less likely to leave. Other than the fact that referral programs can save a lot of time for recruiters in finding new employees, this approach is also cost-effective in a way. If you are a job seeker, you may want to maintain good relations with your friends who are currently working in companies you see yourself applying to!


Rapidly changing environment and development in the last few years have led to new recruiting patterns. Diverse talents, latest technologies, and flexibility will be more important in the recruiting market of 2022. The best thing to do is keep up with the latest trend to guarantee personal success for job seekers and collective success for companies. Either you are an employer or a job seeker, Talentvis provides an all-in-one service to help you find the best talents and land the best job around Southeast Asia. 


Contact us now to begin your success for a better hiring in 2022 or even sooner!


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