Connecting Industries and Talent to Growth

Permanent Placement

Our large and growing database system which ranges from junior to senior-level candidates can effectively help you screen and find best-fit individuals to fulfill your talent requirements from full-time to part-time basis.

Temporary/Contract Placement

Our team assures that only the highest quality which ranges from junior to senior-level candi­dates who meet your exacting criteria are candidates can effectively help you shortlisted for your consideration. varied from screen and find the best-fit individuals to few weeks to months contracts duration fulfill your talent requirements from according to your compa­ny’s needs.

How do we work on Talentvis Search?

Upon your instructions to recruit a role, we tap onto our existing database and go into the market place where the top talent resides. At Talentvis Search, we do not only rely on job portal such as JobsDB and Monster). Instead, we perform both market mapping and headhunt­ing strategies to reach out the specific talents who may be keen to explore new career oppor­tunities, but too busy with work to apply for jobs.

We gain referrals and we also actively call on our best relatives and partners to ask them who and where the best people are. We seek continuously for recommended individuals with great level of expertise. high level of passion and drive that can only come from good morale and emotional intelligence, and the skill sets that engender team focus and loyalty to your business.

Our track records include placing mid to demanding professional. specialists. and managerial personnel? You can count on our estab­lished local. regional and international resources network and recommended consultants. As a strategic HR partner, we take time to fully under­stand your requirements with long-term suit-ability of potential candidate’s orientation for your required positions. We have successfully placed executives in various roles and functions including sales & marketing, finance. human resources, technology and engineering.

Both of our long-term strategies and short-term actions are steered by a set of core values shared by each staff of the company. Our vision is to be the most trustworthy performance leader of the recruitment industry within Asia. We are ready to nurture operational excellence. industry-leading customer satisfaction and sterling financial performance.

Project Manpower Management

Need an urgent teamwork to handle the proj­ect during peak seasons? At Talentvis we know the challenges of forming a reliable and synergistic of people for some ad hoc projects. Our specialized division here to meet your needs with timely effective staffing solutions to help you get the project done with great success.

HR Outsourcing Solutions

Talentvis offers solutions for companies that recognize the benefits and advantages gained from outsourcing HR functions. As you channel your efforts towards revenue-generating activities, allow us to take care of the following HR functions for you: