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Why Recruiters Need Personal Brand?


First impression is important, so is a personal brand.

Branding is important for each living individual who wants to achieve better success. Blaise James, Gallup global brand strategist and senior practice consultant, said that personal branding helps individual map out the best of who you are and apply it to the best of what your company is. Therefore, it is not only needed by “certain individual”, but everyone who wants to make a big impact in business and media world, including recruiters.

Recruiters are the company’s first impression that candidates look at. Therefore, a personal brand is important for them as they will represent the company’s image. When recruiters have a solid and trustworthy personal brand, it will be easier for them to attract the best talents.

Hishem Azzouz, a podcast speaker at Hoxomedia, cited that branding for a recruiter is an asset and asset can never be expired. It means you can use it in your current job role and your own recruitment business in the future.

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When you do personal branding ‘online’, you can have these following benefits:

  • When offline branding gives you hundreds, online can give you thousands – Creating content and distribute it online can reach thousands of potential candidates or clients. When it happens, your professional life will increase little by little. Azzouz advised that you should put yourself out of your comfort zone because creating an appealing content is not like slicing a piece of cake.

  • Online branding opens your opportunity to get far ahead of all your competitor – As a recruiter, your job is to attract those candidates to apply for a job in your client’s or your company. It is not easy, is it? Especially, when your competitors are those who are more experienced than you in bringing in talented candidates. In this case, a personal brand will help you get ahead of your rivals. If your candidates know who you are, they will likely to choose you over everyone else.

  • Your candidates & clients are online every single day – We are living in a generation that cannot be away from technology. You probably read this – right now – on your mobile phone while waiting for a bus, or reading while sipping your morning coffee. That being said, it is always a good idea to go online as you never know which clients or candidates you will get to come across. So, the bigger efforts you make, the better and more candidates/clients you get.

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