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What to Do Before Submitting That Resignation Letter


Resigning from a job is a big decision that you should think more than twice before calling it a quit. Oftentimes, after submitting their resignation letter, people realise they have made a mistake and thus regret their decision to move on. Some might try to get in touch with the previous employer to see if there is any chance for them to come back. If the employer decides to hire you again, you should be happy to reclaim your position back. However, what if your employer decides to not bring you in to the team again? As mournful as it sounds, regret is probably the right word to describe such circumstance.

Nonetheless, you should never have to deal with such disappointment. You can stay away from the horrible feeling of regrets if you follow these to-do lists before handing out your resignation letter to your boss.

To-do #1 Think before you act

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First advice is, you should have a grown-up thought. It means you should be patient enough before sending resignation letter. For example, if you resign just because the job is not satisfying or you want to start your own business with the hope that your life will get better, you are not necessarily right. Many successful people start with their hustle jobs. Think about how you can get an income in case your business does not run well or even fail in the middle of the way. You should know that being your own boss also needs lots of effort and sacrifices.

To-do #2 Plan before you send the letter

Before submitting a resignation letter, ask yourself: what is my plan for the future? Will I get job easily with my current qualification? Do I need time to recover myself from this mundane jobs? What about my financial state after resigning? Will I be able to pay the bill with my saving after I resign? Ask yourself more questions to open your mind whether or not it is time to really quit your job. More importantly, you should be sure that you can handle all the consequences and uncertainty that you will face in the future after resignation.

To-do #3 Plan your plan

The next to-do is to create a back-up plan, plan your plan. You will be the luckiest person on the planet if your first plan succeeds on the first try. Yet, plan does not always succeed on the first try. Thus, you can help yourself by calculating whether your saving would be enough for you to survive at least for the next three months – or until you find a new job. Additionally, investing or being a freelancer while waiting for your next opportunity could also be a good plan to ensure you still have an income.

To-do #4 Help yourself  

It is a general fact that regret always comes last. However, do not let it happen to you. So, it is better to regret in advance rather than looming all day about your resignation. Always ask yourself a question “is it really a good move?” to help you get the right decision.

To-do #5 Ask expert  

Although you might have been 100% sure that resignation is the best decision, it is still a subjective decision that might not be the best decision for you. Therefore, the next to-do is to ask expert’s opinion about your case. An expert can be a professional coach, trusted family member, or friends. They will not only help you in the decision-making process, but also provide objective views about your problem.

To-do #6 Say your goodbye, nicely

After you’ve done all the to-do list above, you must have already had a final decision. If your decision is to stay while pursuing your own business, you should work hard and smart enough to manage your time. But if your decision is to resign, you should say your goodbyes nicely. Tell your supervisors, boss, and colleagues that you will no longer be part of the team. Do not burn the bridges, make sure to always connect with your colleagues although you will no longer in stay in the company. No one knows what the future brings, and good relationship with ex-employer and ex-coworkers can be a great help when your business stumbles down.

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