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What Career Suits You Best? 

The same old question is continuously being asked: “What career suits me best?” Some people want a progressive job prospect, while others might choose to be in a company that can give financial security and stability. Be it challenging roles or stable ones, you might keep telling yourself to work in an area you are passionate about. Plus, you would also like to have a career that suits your personality and skill set. 

In fact, having a career that is aligned with our personality and passion can be fun and fulfilling. You will not only find meaning in your career but also find sheer happiness from time to time. 

A personality test can help you find a meaningful job 

There are many ways to discover what career you really want to pursue. From taking a personality test to job quizzes, you are willing to spend your time, or even money, to find out what career is suitable for you.

For guidance, a graph from Career Assessment Site can show you the perfect job for each type of personality, including extroversion (E) or introversion (I), sensing (S) or intuitive (N), feeling (F), or thinking (T), and judging (J) or perceiving (P) personality. Here are some jobs according to each personality: 

  • ESTJ: Chef 

  • ISTJ: Systems administrator

  • ESFJ: Registered nurse

  • ISFJ: Kindergarten teacher

  • ESTP: Military officer

  • ISTP: Police officer

  • ESFP: Bartender

  • ISFP: Jeweler

  • INFP: Fine artist 

Regardless of these classifications, there are endless job opportunities out there that you can try and find. By exploring jobs, you are likely to figure out what job is best for you and thus you will find satisfaction in your life. No matter how old or how experienced you are, the key is to understand the thing you are most passionate about and naturally do your best at the same time.

Some questions to guide you find your perfect jobs 

Trying out jobs one by one is a bit daunting. Therefore, we provide you these eight questions to enlighten your career path. 

  • What was your “dream job” when you were a child?

  • What do you believe you do best?

  • What do others think you do best?

  • What gets you out of bed in the morning?

  • If you don’t need money, what would you do in your life?

  • What activity makes you lose track of time?

  • What do you recognise most in life and work?

  • What do you want to be remembered for in life?

After answering those questions, you will be able to realise themes and clues for jobs that suit you best. Take some time to answer it, and then review them before you make any conclusions from the quizzes you take.

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