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Tips to Find Ideal Employee In The Digital Age

In this ever-changing world sparked by groundbreaking innovations in knowledge and technology, it becomes a common sight to find people being busy with their smartphones instead of having actual interaction with real human. We are living in a mobile age where every information can be accessed easily by a single click from mobile devices, including employment opportunities.

Everyone wants to demonstrate their skills and show that they are the best candidate for their dream company. On the other hand, the company wants to hire prospective candidates who are qualified for the job in this new industrial age. With all kinds of information pouring in, it becomes a challenge for employers to search for an ideal employee who is the best fit for the company. Therefore, employers should be selective about which candidates can help them achieve the organisation’s goals through digitalisation in many aspects of business.

Then how to find potential candidates in this new digital age? Here’s how you can do it:

Hire passion over skills

Find someone who is passionate in doing his job. Passion is an important factor that will drive your employee to give their best performance. Then how do you know which candidates have a true call for the job offered? If a person is deeply engaged in the communities around his career and willing to add value through thoughtful contributions, you know he is passionate in his job. You will know whether they are passionate about the job or not from the way the describe their job.

You can also gauge candidate’s passion from their digital and social footprints so you can identify if their interests are aligned with your company’s vision and direction. While passion is crucial, it does not mean that skill is not important to be taken into account. That being said, you should hire a self-learner who share the same passion to the company and has potentials to grow, because skills can be taught but not a passion.

Enhance your company profile

Just like recruiters, candidates also do their own research before deciding to join the company. That is why you should share some information about your company to them, such that the people who will apply for the job are those who truly feel related to your company. Given that most people search and share information from social network platforms, you should leverage your company’s social media account to appeal the best talents.  

Conduct social media screening

One of the advantages of digital age is that people are using social media to share their idea and opinions. Communication has never been easier, and this can be a great method to gauge candidates’ online personality. As an employer, it is important to know your employee’s character, as this quality will tell if they can work as an individual or a team. You can conduct social media screening what kind of person they present themselves on the internet, as this can be a way of exposing their true selves.   

 Ask tricky questions during interview  

Among the challenges in working in the digital age is that you should have the ability to establish an effective communication and productive collaboration. Candid job interview allows you to understand if the candidates own both abilities. Find questions that help you  understand how the individuals think and deal with pressure so you can decide whether they are suitable for the role or not.

Hire with the latest digital hiring practise

With everything is heavily digitalised now, it is important to find candidates who have digital-focused mindset. With the advancement of technology, companies are competing to build their own online recruitment system where candidates can apply for job openings easily in a single click. To stay abreast of this trend, you should hire with the latest digital hiring practise. For example, Talentvis has launched a brand new mobile app to cater jobseekers’ needs in their ob search. Available on IOS and Android, Talentvis App allows candidates to deposit their resume, get the latest job openings, and apply for jobs within the application.

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