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Tips and Tricks to Start a Career as Secretary


“The surest way to get a job done is to give it to a busy man. He will have his secretary do it,” Jacob Braude once said. This implies that working as a secretary is not merely about being the right hand of a boss but also becomes ears and eyes for his every move. Given such privilege could mean one thing: being a secretary can be a shortcut if you aim to reach a higher position in a career.  

According to Michael Page, secretary role is a bright job with promising opportunities awaits in the future. Working as a secretary, you need to work closely with skills as good as your managers, meaning that you can advance your level as good as those of executive officer. You can also learn many things from business to networking, which then help you accelerate career move to a more promising position. 

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When it comes to financial matters, the salary and bonuses of a secretary are quite tempting. In general, the starting salary of a secretary is around US$21,000 up to US$50,000 per annum. Some companies also offer an incentive, profit sharing, and commission for their secretary. Meanwhile, if you want to be an independent secretary contractor, the average hourly salary is US$13.48 with a range between US$10 and US$19. 

Yet again, you should keep in mind that a secretary position has gruelling working hours. You might be required to travel a lot and working on the weekend as well. All these tasks and responsibilities could cost your quality time with your family and friends when you don’t have good time management. But if you are ready to advance your career as a secretary, let’s dive in further. 

How to get a secretary job 

The best way to get this job is by upskilling your ability to the extent where you can operate technology without hurdle. Thus, keep upskilling your problem-solving skills is necessary. Secretary is also identical to typing piles of documents, so train your typing skills. The more you type, the more familiar you are with the keyboard - so keep training your finger by typing. 

Requirements you should master 

Other than the responsibilities above, be fluent with the following basic skills.

  • Excellent time-management, organisation, and communication skills 

  • Excellent manner in verbal and non-verbal 

  • Confidence with office equipment and can operate basic Microsoft operation such as Windows, Excel, and PowerPoint. 

  • Ability to take initiative in crucial moments 

  • Fluent in basic business languages, especially English since English is the most spoken language for business 

To hone those skills, you can involve yourself in an internship or apprenticeship as it could be the best way to get a faster upgrade of your skills. An internship usually lasts for three or six months depending on the company you are applying. Meanwhile, apprenticeship lasts for a minimum of 12 months depending on your educational background or previous experience. 

So, are you ready to pursue a career as a secretary? Start your career here.  

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