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Three Secret Ingredients to Successful Talent Sourcing


Candidate sourcing involves searching and engaging qualified talents to fill current and future positions. In general, recruiters are asked to do talent sourcing because it allows companies to take control of their pipeline and initiate conversations with prospective candidates whenever a vacant position is available, thus, the company can quickly and correctly fill the position.

However, talent sourcing could be a pain in the neck as it needs greater effort and time to find the candidates, even in today’s fast technology era. According to Entelo survey, the estimated average talent acquisition professionals spend to source a candidate for a single role is one-third of their workweek (about 13 hours). Approximately 1 in 4 (27 percent) respondents report spending half the workweek souring for just one role.

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Are you having a hard time in sourcing talents as well? If yes, the following secret strategy hopefully could lighten your burden in talent sourcing. Without further ado, here are the three secrets to try.

Build a plan

No matter what job you do, you need a flexible plan to help ease your workload. In this sourcing strategy, your plan should include understanding the job requirements. As a recruiter, job requirement is your weapon to conquer the day because it helps you understand which or what kind of talent you need to source. Then, you could create a list of former and new sourcing talents to what kind of candidates you are trying to get.

Next, you should put yourself in job seekers shoes. Doing this will help you discover which communities are filled with qualified talents you are looking for. Ask these questions in your approach to be “job seeker”.

  • What sites would I visit as a job seeker?
  • What skills, licence, or certifications would I need to list on my resume if I were a job seeker?
  • What groups would I be a part of when I am a jobseeker?

Target the right community

After you have a plan, find communities around your location and/or on the internet. Community like NAAAP Career Center would be suitable for you to find either Asian or American talents. If you are looking for Mechanical Engineers, ASME Community would be the right place to harvest talented engineers. Here is the list of talent communities you might want to try.

  1. (Asian and American talents)
  2. ( American Mechanical Engineer community)
  3. (Asian American Writers’ Workshop)
  4. (Singapore talents for writers)
  5. (Asia Pacific Writers & Translators)
  6. (Programmers community)
  7. (Programmers community)

There are a lot more you can search on Google. The above are only some examples we could find for you. Alternatively, you can join Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media community.

The most effective tools to source talents

Your presence in the right community alone won’t be enough. While you can post your job there and get talents to apply, you still need to reach the most suitable candidates. How to reach them? You should combine emails, direct messages, and phone calls. According to Conni LaDouceur, phone call still reigns supreme when it comes to engaging candidates, especially for high-level positions. Besides, phoning candidates is also the most engaging way to build a stronger relationship with talents.

Likewise, you can also try the following best tools based on our search.

  • (phone call auto transcriber)
  • (email marketing campaign platform)
  • (email and phone finder)
  • (web scraper, searcher, enricher, etc.)
  • (AI sourcing platform)
  • (AI sourcing platform)
  • (marketing/sales intelligence platform) 

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