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The Best Answers to the Question "Why Should We Hire You?"


In general, hiring managers will ask questions to candidates regarding their experience and knowledge about the company. But there are times when interviewers want to get more information from them. To serve that purpose, they start asking questions that give candidates a break from a standard professional and academic experience to insightful questions such as “Why should we hire you?” 

Many hiring professionals mentioned that asking such question is a great way to break the ice and learn something unique from candidates interviewed. It also gives insights to the interviewer about the right aptitude and attitude of the candidates, whether or not they will fit in a team. In addition, a candidate’s answer can showcase their capability beyond written resumes for the job which can be an added assessment during the hiring process. 

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The interviewer, however, might not explicitly say the “why should we hire you?” line but it is always implied there. Candidates, on the other hand, should pay attention to terms such as ‘tell me about yourself’ or why do you want to work here?’ or ‘what traits that makes you the right candidates?’ because it demands the same answer. 

So, how will you answer the question? 

Developing an impressive and trustful answer is what brings success to your interview. Here are other features you should take into consideration. 

Hint: the answer should not focus on YOU but rather on THE COMPANY you are applying.

  • Focus on three or four strengths you have that align with company’s vision and position you are applying.
  • Then, provide a strong and memorable description and/or examples. Provide a scenario, if possible, it can give deeper insight to recruiters that you are the talent they are looking for.
  • Watch your language! Do communicate in an innovative approach and use positive words to reinforce your ability.
  • Provide proofs, if any, such as certification or publication that showcases your ability.
  • Most importantly, be honest with your achievements.
  • Be as natural as possible – as you read this article, you might be, now, drafting your answer and rehearsing them (preparing for the big show). But remember, when it is in the real interview, be or act as natural as possible to let recruiter knows your professionalism.

Tips for crafting answer for “Why should we hire you?” 

  • Compile all the accomplishments you have – everything.
  • Learn from the company's website about their culture, vision and mission, as well as the job requirements.
  • Shortlist your achievements, take some that really align with company’s vision and culture.
  • Start writing! Connect the dots between job requirements, your qualifications, and job requirements.
  • Write stories about your accomplishments for the job you are applying and how it becomes company’s advantage.
  • Prepare any documents or proof of your achievements.
  • Review your writing (ask a friend or anyone you trust you proofread).
  • Rehearsing and continue rehearsing until you sound natural.

Here are 2 examples of “Showing of confidence without boasting too much”

Example A (when you have many experiences)

“I am glad you asked, thank you. I believe that my experience with technology and automation, especially as a developer, make me the best candidate for this position. In my previous job, I became the leader of a project. My team and I were responsible for maintaining and updating our company websites. There was a time when my team was being so mean to each other but I could help them maintain solidarity. We also won certification from the company as we finished the project on time. Well, I truly enjoyed with what I was doing but as I see bigger opportunity in this organisation that it sparks my interest to join your team. I am sure my love of coding and content skills will be a huge advantage in the team. Bonus point, I am a fast learner and keen to develop any skills available here.”

Example B (when you lack experience)

“As a college graduate, I understand that I might lack career experience. However, I am a hardworking individual and a fast learner. I like to develop my skills and abilities in a wide range of subjects. As having this developmental interest, I took short courses about technology and advancement. The short courses have helped me develop better and boost my skills ability in terms of leadership, critical thinking, and the technology itself. I know that my current skills can add a great advantage to your organisation. I also read that you are looking for a passionate individual who has a strong ability in operating Excel and Windows. I do possess both skills. While I might not be an experienced person in the professional world but I believe that my ability will help this organisation thrive in today’s digital revolution.”  

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