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Retain Your Tech Talents with These Best Practices 


In today’s tech-driven competitive industry, retaining high-skilled tech workers and ensuring they’re engaged in their roles could be one of the biggest challenges employers have to deal with. To make the matter worse, there is currently an acute shortage of skilled workforce amidst the all-time high demand for tech talents. 

Modis survey has suggested that finding tech talent is increasingly harder, with almost half (41 percent) of IT hiring managers agreed to this statement. Almost every company is now transforming into a tech company to some degree. Along with this, the pace of digital transformation and tech adoption has placed a burden on development, security, operations, and other tech teams. While the majority of hiring managers planned to increase tech and engineering headcounts in 2019, the report showed that some 80 percent of these companies report a gap between available technical talent and the type of talent they actually need. 

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With continuously rising demands for tech talent but the skilled ones are rare, now is the time for hiring managers and recruiters to find the best way to retain star performers. Check them out. 

1- To amaze and lure tech people, you need to be a tech person 

As a recruiter, there are chances that you have to deal with various job roles, even ones that you might not be familiar with. In this case, if you want to build a long-term relationship with tech workers, the ability to “speak their language” will help you get to know them better and it will pay off in spades. Thus, at least learn and be fluent in tech terminology. 

2- Emphasise benefits over compensation 

Tech talent pool today is largely composed of millennials who take a free-wheeling approach towards career direction and employment in general. These young talents are weighing more on benefits rather than money when it comes to job searching. Skilled tech workers can already command high salaries and associated perks. Flexible working arrangements, student loan payment assistance, and professional/career development are factors of equal or great importance when contemplating career decisions. 

3- Formal education should not be your priority 

Gone are the days where recruiters only rely on formal education to find the gems. These days, many prominent tech figures are self-taught. With options like Coursera and Udemy, candidates can easily access university-level courses and training without matriculating at an institution. Thus, rejecting candidates that do not tick the boxes of formal education could be a mistake. 

Lastly, as many tech professionals believe: “Culture is key when joining a startup. Workplace culture does not only make you feel comfortable at work, but it also increases productivity, morale, relationship, and motivation.” All in all, recruiters should always emphasise their workplace culture. Best of luck!!

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