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Preparing for an Interview? Make Sure You Have this Follow-up Checklist!

Nervous for your upcoming job interview? Well, it is normal for job applicants to feel both anxious and excited for an interview. To make the best out of the employment opportunities given to you, career advisors recommend taking note of important matters and keep them in mind pre- and post-interview. Remember, just as the recruiter is qualifying you, you should also be doing the same for your prospective employer during an interview.

Here’s a follow-up checklist that should guide you. Check them out!

Pre – Interview and during interview

  1. Research on the job position you are applying for and strategize your “stock communication” for the interview. Arming yourself with the right knowledge will definitely boost your professional image.
  2. Write down the names and titles of your interviewer and the names of the other people you encountered during the interview.
  3. List down the all the possible questions your interviewer may ask and plan for a good response for each. This will demonstrate your interest on the job.
  4. List down all the key strengths you want your interviewer to remember of you and make sure you communicate and reinforce them in your discussions. This list may well be composed of your skills set.
  5. List down a few questions you may want to ask your interviewer. These questions will help in your employer profiling.
  6. Take note of the negative body languages applicants commit during an interview and make sure you don’t do the same.
  7. Politely ask for the time frame that employers take before hiring decision is made. Make your interviewer give you definite reply by asking him along these line: “Is it alright for me to drop you a line if I don’t hear from you after the allotted time?”. They always say yes.
  8. Ask the interviewer how you should proceed; this will cue your interviewer of your assertiveness on the job prospect and may earn you plus points.
  9. Give your work references the heads up for any possible call from a prospective employer.
  10. Properly get all the instructions for any assignments in conclusion to the first interview and in preparation of the second interview.
  11. Give a good “closing” like thanking your interviewer for the chance to interview and his time. Don’t forget to give a firm handshake before you leave.
  12. Have your “thank you” letter ready for sending out regardless of the result of your interview.

Post – Interview

  1. Follow up on the status of your application shortly after the hiring decision time frame if you have not heard from the employer.
  2. Continue to seek other job opportunities while waiting for job application results. You never know if a better opportunity is in store in your next interview.
  3. Make a personal audit of your recent interview by listing down all the questions asked from you and how you were able to respond to each. This post interview assessment will help in your future job interviews knowing that by these information you’ll get better and better each time.

Best of luck for your interview!

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