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Job Review: What You need to Know about HR Manager Job

HR manager is most likely the first person talents know and have contact with throughout a hiring process. From job interviews to onboarding, an HR manager acts as a medium that connects candidates with the management. It is one of many things they do for a company. Payroll, benefit plans, employee relations, training, workforce planning, as well as office health and safety are all under the responsibility of an HR manager. They are also responsible for ensuring that businesses stay compliant with legal law. Seems like a cool role to pursue? 

In today’s #JobReview series, we will share some details on what you need to know about the HR Manager job. Stay tuned!


Job Description 

In general, an HR manager is in charge of employment policies and operations, as well as payroll, performance appraisal programs, and workplace safety measures. HR managers serve the function of supervising HR staff in conducting HR duties, while also being readily available to back them up when needed. According to Robert Half, HR managers are expected to ensure that these responsibilities go well:

  • Managing company employees, including coordinating and assisting with the recruitment 

  • Guiding new employees to the company throughout the onboarding period

  • Finding suitable salary and incentives for all employees

  • Providing the payroll support systems

  • Organizing necessary mentoring and coaching program for employees

  • Assisting employees with opportunities for professional development

  • Managing employee performance appraisal

When a company does not use an external talent outsourcing service like Talentvis, HR managers are responsible for the talent acquisition process. This may involve advertising, interviewing, and recruiting qualified job applicants, particularly for management, exempt, and professional positions. In doing so, they work with department managers to identify the skills and competences needed for vacant positions.

According to a report by BLS, some HR managers work more than 40 hours each week. This is not surprising, since they cover a myriad of responsibilities. Despite a demanding workload, however, they cherish what they do. According to PayScale, four out of five human resource managers admit to be “highly satisfied” with their jobs.


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Qualifications and Skills 

What does it take to be an HR manager? As this job is at a managerial level, experience is highly required. Those with conflict resolution expertise and training would be even better suited for the role. Other important skills are decision-making capacities, managerial skills, organizing strengths, and public speaking abilities. HR manager jobs are for individuals with strong collaboration, communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills. It is also important that they are always knowledgeable on industry dynamics, existing pay rates, and non-monetary benefits. Needless to say, this position demands a solid education. A bachelor's degree or equivalent in Human Resources or Business, as well as prior experience in the HR industry, would be required. A Bachelor's degree in Psychology is also recommended for this job.


Career as HR Managers

One of the major benefits of becoming an HR manager is the variety of options available. HR managers may enhance their expertise in areas such as labor relations, remuneration, benefits, leadership development, employee engagement, and talent acquisition. Many of these specialist fields are covered by training modules issued by the Society for Human Resource Management.

Standard salary of an HR Manager is mostly defined by the number of years of experience, soft skills abilities, and the scope of duties in the company. For these jobs, some sectors pay more than others. Professional, scientific, IT services, management, and manufacturing were the highest paid industries for HR managers in 2019. Those with certification or a master's degree, especially those with a focus in human resource management, have the highest career opportunities. You can also take a brief look at the salary range for this position, specifically throughout Southeast Asia, in Talentvis job vacancies.


HR Manager is a demanding yet rewarding job for individuals with a quench for challenge and growth. If you love people and management, you may find this job very appealing, just like many people do. Do you think you have the necessary experience along with the required skills to become an HR Manager? Give it a try! At Talentvis, you can find plenty of HR manager job vacancies all around Southeast Asia. 

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