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Job Application: When You Have What It Takes, But Not All It Takes

Throughout a job seeking journey, sometimes you come across a job advertisement where you are qualified for some of the requirements - but not cut out for some others. In other words, you have what it takes, but not all it takes. Should this stop you from applying? Here are some things you can consider before making a decision.

How Far Off Are You?

Before applying for a job, the first thing you should consider is whether you are a suitable candidate for that position. Acknowledge how your qualifications match with the ones needed for the job. If you do not have at least 50 percent of the required skills and experience, it is less likely for employers to consider your application. If it is a certain degree or certification that you lack, then it is better to not proceed applying for the job. It would be a waste of time to ask recruiters to waive the education requirement if you have neither the certification nor the experience for the job. Recruiters cannot rely on an uncertain measurement; they need solid proof.

Before you stop reading this and give up your dream right away, know that there is still hope! 

Quoting HR practitioner, Selina Yaknson, “Job descriptions are written for an ideal candidate who in most cases doesn’t actually exist.” 

If you can see yourself fulfilling a bit more than half of the requirements, then go for it! For fresh graduates, if the position you are looking to apply for is an entry-level role that typically calls for 1–3 years of experience, give it a try. This is a much more plausible choice compared to managerial or senior roles, in which experience is unnegotiable. Look for transferable skills you currently have that you can offer in exchange for skills you lack based on the requirements. 

Honesty is key

Remember to keep your integrity by being honest to yourself and to recruiters. This means that you are aware of what qualities you lack and not lie about it on your resume. Customize your resume to highlight the qualities you have that match the qualifications of that position. You may not have all it takes for the position you are applying for, but recruiters can at least consider that you still qualify for some of the requirements.

Ace your interview

If you make it to the interview stage, it will be your chance to convince the recruiter that you are worth hiring despite lacking some qualifications. In order not to waste the opportunity, stand out from the crowd and convince hiring managers that you have necessary qualities for the role. Explain your genuine interest in working at the company while demonstrating your skills. 

It is important to stay realistic and be aware of your qualities in applying for a job. Applying for a job in which you have neither related skills nor experience is too much of a gambling. However, this should not encourage you to give up easily. If you think you can only fulfill half or more requirements for a job, do not be discouraged to apply. Convince yourself and the recruiters that you have more on the tables aside from your current skill and job experience. And most importantly, showcase your willingness to learn and openness to challenge.

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